Vests Over Cold Shoulders

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I cannot get enough of this look. I’ve been super into wearing my vests over cold shoulder tops lately. It’s a great way to layer and a little something extra to a simple cold shoulder shirt.   You can really get into pattern play and print mixing, as well as pairing together different textures.  To complete this look here, throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans, black booties, and add some oversized sunglasses.  As far as jewelry, I have on only earrings.  Not every outfit needs a necklace or bangle.  The floral print adds enough detail all on it’s own and the oversized sunnies totally top it off!

If you’re like me and not a super fan of strapless bras except when super necessary, this is an easy style to be able to wear your regular bra with.  If you have no intentions of peeling your vest off at any point, then the vest should likely cover your bra straps completely, allowing for more comfort throughout the day.  As if this pairing wasn’t already super awesome enough, that reason right there just makes it all the better!  Play around with your options too…short, long, midi, or duster length vests will each bring something different to the table.

dsc_1469 dsc_1472

Top: Express || Vest: similar || Jeans: Express || Booties: Nordstrom || Sunnies: Express

Photography: Lindsay King

I truly cannot believe the weather we have been having here in the mitten state!  It’s been out of this world and the last couple weekends have been gorgeous!  Just when I think it’s finally sweater weather, mother nature brings us a sweet and sunny surprise.  I’ll take this warmth as long as it chooses to stay!

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