Tuesday Tip: Simple and unique, DIY Gifts!

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Ok friends, you’ve procrastinated long enough. Searched high and low, racked your brain for something different and unique for that special someone…let me help with that!

I love crafts, however, I have terrible penmanship and unless I’m drawing Sponge Bob, I have about ZERO illustration skills.  BUT, I don’t let that stop me from giving it a try.  Sometimes, we surprise ourselves.

Some of us are naturally gifted with inventing something all on our own, and the rest of us…well, we need a little help!  It hit me today, Sharpie mugs, that is.  What an awesome idea, who knew right?!?  Super unique, one of kind, and let’s be real for a minute- straight from the heart.  You can create a mug for your honey, your BFF, co-worker, mom…how about the kids?  Forget a photo mug, give the kiddos a few Sharpies and have them create their own masterpiece (think Mother’s Day, Grandma, Uncle, and teachers!).  Not to mention friends, a very inexpensive craft but full of love and a lasting memory.

Oil based Sharpies are recommended- so says Google. I am loving this gold and silver mix this season, how about you? After you’re finished drawing, you simply bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and voila!  It’s done.  You can use any mug you like at any size, shape, or price point.  I used letter stickers to assist in my craft.  Instead of tracing, I made tiny dots and extended them outward for a different look.

Next, will you fill it?  Don’t have to, not at all.  It’s all in your budget.  I have a few ideas for you, naturally.  I filled one with tea bags I had in my cupboard. Luckily I have quite the selection in my favor so I grabbed several bags from my own cupboard and placed them in a mug.  Another mug I filled with yummy chocolates, something simple and easy for a BFF, perhaps.  I collected a few manicure items to create another mug (maybe your photographer, fitness instructor, co-worker).  Lastly, a mug with a gift card, if you have a higher budget.  Since it’s the holidays, I placed the ever festive candy cane in each.


I enjoyed making these simple and unique DIY mugs!  As usual, I snuck in a little fashion. Love this dress from Marshall’s, great for work, holiday parties, date night, or as I have worn here, crafting!!

Always, Meg

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