TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Mascara Melodies

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Happy Tuesday loves!  I haven’t done a TOT or Tuesday Tip in a while, life has been a little crazy around here with a week of baby sickness then mommy sickness last week.  Finally we are all on the mend.  This week, I wanted to share my tips for applying mascara.  I get asked often what eye makeup I use and how I get my lashes to achieve their length.  I can tell you straight up, I don’t have long lashes, they’re pretty average in my opinion, but I make them look long and “false” in the steps that I use.

In an older post I mentioned that I use the Diorshow Maximizer, which you can find here.  It’s a great lash primer/serum, strengthener and promotes growth.  I always use this first to capture each lash so I know exactly where to apply my mascara.

On to TOT…I cocktail together two mascaras to get the look I’m going for.  (Soo, yes you read that right, I use 3 mascaras essentially.)  What I love about Dior is not only their products but how well everything blends and works together.  I personally haven’t found one mascara that gives me my desired look.  I like a lash doubling effect along with a lengthening and separating finish.

I generally do a smoky eye whether it’s all out dark or on the lighter side.  I always tight line my eyeliner which also allows me to get the mascara lathered on right at the root of the lash.  With a back and forth motion I pull outward to the end of the lashes.  I do this in sections, usually from the outside of my eye working my way in.  For this first layer I’ve been using Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, found here.  For the second layer I use Dior Addict It-Lash, found here.  I never need to use a comb to separate my lashes after because my lash primer has allowed me to be able to skip that process and get it right from the first application.  Don’t worry about fall out, finish getting ready and come back once stray mascara has dried and gently wipe it off with a Q-tip.  Doing it while wet, will smudge- so it’s every important to wait for it to dry.

I promise to have some makeup tutorials for you in the future.  If you have any questions on this for now, please feel free to ask me.  I have some other “cocktails” I can share as well.  This is just my current go to look!

Always, Meg


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