‘Tis the season…for photos!

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It’s that time of year friends!  Holidays with our loved ones, stealing a kiss under the mistletoe, and perhaps a creepy, I mean, awesome (no, I mean creepy) little Elf on the Shelf.  However you celebrate, it’s a time for family and the ultimate feeling of being blessed!

I love to style photo shoots and find it a challenge every year (and with every shoot) to see what we’ll come up with next.  I say we because it truly is a group effort.  I generally don’t even dress my husband.  As I’ve noted before, I pick one person (aka Emmy) and build around that outfit.  At the end I say “Here ya go!” and Hubs brings his best to the table to complete the look.  He is great at adding the final touches and compliments everything I’m trying to capture.  (He gets me.)

I purchased my outfit, along with other pieces, without the intent of using it for our family Christmas photos.  In fact, I wasn’t even planning on photos since we had done so many throughout the year with the addition of our newest family member.  A spot opened up last minute so I grabbed it.

The Gap had 40% off when we went on a family shopping trip.  Emmy picked out her blue sequin dress, I picked out TK’s flannel and matching boots (because he’s the only child I can dress these days- wait, wait, I do dress the baby), then the rest came together naturally.  After I grabbed the open spot, the wheels started turning, I laid it all out, and it was perfection in my eyes.

I picked up the blue in Emmy’s dress with my accessories and stayed neutral in my color scheme (except for the red pumps) using pieces I had recently purchased.  I like my oldest in jeans and I think jeans are just fine for little boys to be dressy in.  I randomly purchased little Beckett’s outfit months prior on sale at Carter’s.  I really love how it all came together quickly.  My fave photographer had the backdrop and all we had to do was pose! Enjoy…


The one thing I always forget about is shoes!  Seriously, our maternity photo shoot we got to the location before I even gave a thought about what everyone had on their feet.  Then I realized I was totally in the clear, we were on the beach, DUH!

Boy- shirt and boots

Girl- dress and earrings

Baby- one piece similar (check your local Carter’s store)

Mom and Dad- check out this post here for deets!

Photo Cred- Lindsay King

Try to relax and have some fun…it’s the holidays!!  If you have questions or need some help, please ask!  I love to help and encourage.  I have girlfriends texting me selfies or outfit sets and you know what…they do a fabulous job!  Sometimes just an extra set of eyes is what we need, a little nod of approval.  Maybe you feel you’re missing that one thing or feeling unsure…contact me.  I would love to help you embrace your creativity and style!

Always, Meg

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