Talkin ‘bout, My Boys!

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It’s rare that the boys want to make appearances on my blog or Instagram feed, but I learned something this last weekend…they can be easily bribed with Starbucks! (Hence, Beckett with a mouth full of cake pop he actually dropped on the ground 5 seconds earlier!)

I haven’t done a blog post in over a year, say what, life has just been too busy. With my hubby traveling for work last year, some things had to take the back burner, and I had to take a hard look at priorities.

So, if you’re new to my blog then Hi! If not, Welcome back! Either way, let me tell you about my boys, my oldest and my youngest.

They are both very curious, adventure-seeking individuals.  They are both kind and gentle souls.  We often call our oldest “Old Man TK” because he is incredibly wise beyond his years.  He would rather read about science, build a robot, or play with legos than pick up a football and toss it around.  Sounds boring right?  Wrong!  He may be the smartest, funniest, wittiest, one in the family.  Yet, he takes care of everyone and everything around him.  He is hands down, the best big brother and first born anyone could ask for!  I still don’t know how we got so lucky, but we are grateful for his kind and gentle soul in our lives.

TK’s pants: Hollister  // Hoodie: Old Navy

Women’s Sweater: Loft  //  Hunter Boots: Nordstrom

My sweet, sweet baby Beckett…whatever he’s 4, still my baby…loves his mama so much. I mean so much, I’m sure it makes others (daddy) jealous.  Don’t get me wrong, he will take a sleepover any night with his brother or sister (we’ll talk about the princess soon in another post) but I think he might be my #1 fan!  I’ll give him 10 hugs and 20 kisses at bedtime, leave the room, and 5 minutes later he will yell that he needs more.

He is so animated with his gestures and words.  I love to watch him play and do his special voices.  He is truly a hoot and I often find myself asking, Where did you come from little man.

Beckett’s Hunter Boots: Nordstrom  // Van’s Beanie: Van’s

TK loves swimming and he’s quite good, which makes him love it even more.  His confidence has grown tremendously from it.  If he’s not swimming or doing homework you might find him playing Fortnite.  Apparently this is a move from Fortnite called “Orange Justice,” either way I’ll roll with it if he thinks I’m cool!

Beckett will steal your heart with his cuddles and smiles, and if you’re not careful he’ll steal your drinks too!

I couldn’t be more proud of the young man TK is becoming and I wish I could keep Beckett my little baby forever.  The struggles of being a parent right?! Sometimes we get it right, often times we fail, but together we will succeed.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about these two handsome guys!  There is much more to come, so you can subscribe to my blog, follow Megleewest on Facebook or @megleewest in Instagram to keep following along! XOXO

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