Silk and Leather

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The easiest fall transition…I’ve talked about it, you’ve heard others talk about it…take a dress, add a jacket, and you’re done. I like to spice things up with a little silk and lot of leather!  OK, it’s from Express, so you know it’s technically “minus the leather”.   Nonetheless, it’s a timeless and classic look that can do no wrong.

Here in the mitten state, the weather has cooled down some…or so we thought. Just when you think it’s safe to turn the AC off, BOOM, back to 85 and mid 60’s at night. That’s hardly good sleeping weather.  I am determined to keep that AC OFF once and for all, until next season.  So it’s windows wide open, fans on high, and lots of water in the meantime!

Back to this look… taking a dress and adding a simple jacket will take your summer looks into fall.  I too want to rush out and buy all the new fall looks in August but trying to wrap my head around purchasing sweaters and other layers while it’s still summer is something I simply cannot do. Not to mention having to pay full price makes me cringe.  I would much rather make my end of summer clothes work into my daily routine until leaves are falling onto the ground and fall climate has come to stay.  Doing this allows me to save money at the store because by the time new looks come around, the first looks of fall are now on sale. I call that a win-win!  So be patient.  Grab a staple piece or two if something really jumps out at you that you simply cannot live without.  There’s nothing worse than buyers regret.  Wait on the things you really like.  Don’t break your bank just yet.  Watch for sales, wait for coupons, and be on the lookout for deals.  You’re savings account will thank you, and so will your spouse!


Dress: Banana Republic (similar, similar) || Jacket: Express (exact jacket different color, Similar) || Heels: Jessica Simpson (similar)

Photography: Lindsay King

Make it a great week and make every day count!

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