Photo Styling: Family Christmas Set

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I am officially obsessed with our family Christmas photo session.  I had a vision, but it was not what I had signed up for initially. This is not a bad thing, I promise you!  Realizing what I think and what someone else may think can be total opposites.  Once I reminded myself that I was in good hands with making my vision come to light, I knew that it would be nothing less than perfection.

Nine times out of ten I create my own looks as well as sets.  This was one of those times that my amazing, and talented photographer chose the set.  As I began choosing outfits I realized I was working with a vision that was not my own.  Like typical Meghan, I began asking my photographer 100 questions.  My answers were “this, maybe this, I’d like to do this, probably something like this…” ok, I got it.  To some this could be overwhelming and for a split second, I’ll admit I had a little anxiety.  Then I realized, this is Lindsay we’re talking about.  Furthermore, this is the Meghan and Lindsay show when it comes to photos and I became confident in my ability to excel and put my own taste, twist, and style into a shoot to make it mine.  I could not be more pleased.  Honestly.  When she and I come together, we get one another.  How amazing is that…to have someone that understands you and your family so well that they nail your vision within their vision?  Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Working with Sofi Stella, I saw this little girls dress before it hit the floor and I knew it was mine.  Ok, I knew it was my daughter’s, but I insisted on building our outfits around this little couture dress.  Her little wedge ankle booties were the icing on the cake.  My colors were now black and cream so I needed to build the rest of our looks around this.

I was already feeling very posh with the style of her dress.  A suit for my husband only seemed fitting.  Express has amazing suits that are perfectly fitted for any shape.  Done.  As far as the boys, I needed to keep it posh yet stylish.  I never guessed I would find what I needed at Old Navy, but as my search began, I ordered multiple items from Old Navy online, received my order and started laying it all out.  The color of burgundy this fall has me swooning.  This was going to be the color to balance out the black and cream.  Until my dress arrived in the mail, my hubby, for the first time ever, could not figure out what exactly this look was that I was going for.  After my final layout I called him in and he got it.  Is there any greater gratification than that?

As for the set, we had so much fun playing around and getting into character.  We casually shot and came up with ideas throughout the session.  Our baby was only content with a piece of popcorn or candy cane in his mouth and would hardly look at the camera.  For me this was fine.  We captured the true essence of his personality and that is far more important to me than a cheesy or forced smile to look back upon in years to come.  True, genuine, laughter and smiles is what memories are all about.


Women’s Dress: Lulu’s here // Men’s SuiT: Express here and here // Girls Dress: Ooh La La here // Boys Sweater: Old Navy here // Boys Jeans: Old Navy here // Boys Jacket: Old Navy here // Toddler Sweater: Old Navy here // Toddler Leggings: Old Navy here // Toddler Boots: Old Navy here

Photo Cred: Lindsay King

I am beyond thankful for your love and support.  I wish you many blessings this Thanksgiving.

Always, Meg

“The love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories and treasures to keep.”


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  1. These are the cutest pictures ever!!! Your outfits are all remarkable!!!! Love everything !

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