Photo Styling: 1st Birthday Session

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Styling a photo session brings me great joy.  It’s exciting and challenging to be creative.  I have an amazing photographer that captures my vision every time.  It’s so important to be in sync with one another.  I know that I can confidently throw 20 random ideas at my photog and she will produce my vision without fail.

A few disclaimers about this shoot… Let me explain by first clarifying that my photographer did an exceptional job.  Hands down.  So, we had to rush around after work to get ready and fly out the door before the rain came in.  It was 90, hot, extremely humid…just a gross night, period.  What can you do right?  My hair and my daughter’s gorgeous curls completely fell apart.  I left the house with only half of my jewelry- I seriously wanted to die when we got there and realized this- sad I know.  My kids wouldn’t wear their shoes in the sand…I couldn’t walk in the sand with mine.  The baby punched a hole in one of the lanterns.  His sign kept blowing over….the list goes on.  Despite all the silly odds against us, we managed to pull out a few good family photos, and the baby…well, he nailed it.  Well done, son.

While prepping for the Sofi Stella Fashion Show, I was smitten to learn that I would be wearing this navy and white number.  Getting first dibs on show attire, I knew it was coming home with me and that I would wear this for our beach session.  Josephine, the owner, helped me choose my daughter’s outfit and I love how we matched although I wouldn’t normally try to.  I really struggled with the boys this time.  Mom brain has definitely taken over this third time around in ways I never anticipated.  My mother actually suggested the baby’s overalls I had him wear for the 4th.  It worked out well that I had his undershirt already in his drawer.  As for my oldest, he let me choose the shirt from his closet but insisted he was wearing shorts.  Fine.  And hubby, well, we went around and around, then he stopped last minute and it all came together.  I wanted the look to be nautical with navy and red, but not look too patriotic with red, white, and blue which would have been an entirely different theme.  I think I got it right;)

So what’s up with the anchor?  Have you ever seen The League on FX?  1- it’s hilarious, watch it.  2- The anchor baby line, so true but all in good fun.  When we shot our announcement session, I had hanging lanterns and banners in studio.  Our maternity session was on the beach.  Tying it all together for first birthday pics, was a must for me.  B turned 1 on a Friday, August 14, his party was on Saturday, and our photos were on Monday.  I ordered two smash cakes so I could recreate the fun in a professional setting to round out the theme and brought along some of the props from his party.

I chose a small sampling from our session to share with you all.  Enjoy!

LKP_8683LKP_8742LKP_8966 copyLKP_9066 copyLKP_9102LKP_9129LKP_9142LKP_9153LKP_9185

Mother and Daughter outfits: Sofi Stella // Husband: TJ Maxx // Son: Old Navy // Baby: Carters

I’m One Banner: Etsy here // Lanterns : Oriental Trading here // Chevron Blanket (had two yards cut from JoAnn Fabrics) // Cake: Personally designed by myself from Baker’s Nook here // Chalkboard Sign and Name Banner: Etsy here // Party Hat: Etsy here // Chair: Pottery Barn My First Anywhere Chair here

Photo Cred: The amazing and wonderful, Lindsay King!

Thank you for stopping by to view our baby’s first birthday photos.  While many factors were against us that evening, I am pleased with the final result with what I had envisioned.  We have a fall mini session scheduled in November.  It will be humidity free and I’m going to make sure I do not walk out the door with only half of my jewelry on!  Now, pray for no rain…or SNOW!

Always, Meg

“Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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  1. He really is the cutest baby boy ever!!!!! Love! These pics are fabulous!

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