Kids Bathroom- A Vintage Look

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DSC_0067If you don’t know me, I’ll tell you that I’m not one for traditional kiddo style rooms and/or decor.  While I know it seems silly, you will not find character decals, themed bedding (sports or character), or other decor in my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want my kids to be kids and enjoy the things they like, I just have to think more carefully where to place such items should they be requested upon.

I have an overall style of what I like to refer to as rustic or vintage glam.  Ever since my first Pottery Barn catalogue came in the mail, I’ve been hooked on the style and tend to decorate as such.  I do have many items in my home from Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids, but I always look for more price friendly options.  I love a challenge and that is a huge one for me that I truly enjoy.  The  “how can I replicate this or take this idea and make it my own at a fraction of the cost?”

I’m a frequent shopper of Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Pier One, Target, and IKEA to name a few.  Some people dislike the quality of IKEA but we have found some great pieces that work in our home, are functional, and are crazy inexpensive.  Sometimes I am ridiculed on my taste in that the kids will grow out of that, or why would I spend the money on something of a particular nature…but the truth is, I really believe I am a gifted shopped when it comes to sales, deals, using coupons, and just having an eye for what works to compliment my style.  I look for pieces that will last.  Furthermore, I see the greater resale value when I’ve exhausted certain items.  Side note, I keep saying “my style” but it truly is a group effort.  I do want my children to like the things I have chosen for them and I certainly need my husband’s approval to move forward in projects (I mean, it’s his moo-lah too)!

With some new hardware and accessories to match what we already had to work with, this project was very easy and fun to work on together (that would be me and the Hubs!)  The paint is a little on the brighter side, however, when we finished our basement we had a ton leftover so it only seemed right to utilize what we already had.  Updating all the accessories was a must for my husband so he took the trip to Lowe’s and picked everything out himself.  I had him frame the mirror as we did awhile back to our bathroom mirror- just looks so much nicer!  We stopped at the outlets where I hit up Pottery Barn for the shower curtain and towels.  What’s perfect for me is that they compliment each other but totally match their bedrooms.  This may seem unnecessary now but we plan to build someday giving our daughter her own bathroom and the boys a Jack and Jill style bathroom- I don’t intend on changing their bedding or bedroom styles so coordinating now puts us a step ahead for the future!  Now if I could change out the shower/tub, vanity, and the color of the granite counter top, I would.  However, since our intent is to move and build, our updates must be cosmetic, or on the surface- things that will add value to our home when we go to sell while being able to take other things with us.


DSC_0052 DSC_0051 DSC_0053DSC_0056 DSC_0070DSC_0063 DSC_0059

Shelves: IKEA here  Sea Sponges: Martha Stewart here  Fixtures: Delta (Lowes)

Mason Jars: Hobby Lobby  Towels: Pottery Barn Kids Outlet available here and here

Rug: Pottery Barn here   Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn Kids Outlet available here

Lantern, Plant, Tray: IKEA  Fan: found and spray painted

Chalkboard Frame: Pottery Barn Kids here   Misc Accessories: Allen and Roth (Lowes)

Thank you for stopping by to view our children’s new and improved bathroom!  It’s easy, functional, kid friendly, and reflects our own personal grown-up style.  There are still a couple things we would like to add but I’m still thinking about what finishing touches will make it perfection.  I’m sold on crown moulding…but we’ll wait for warmer weather to break out the table saw!

Always, Meg

Disclaimer: I linked you to Pottery Barn and/or Pottery Barn Kids, however, I found my particular items at the outlet for even less!!  Also, several of the items we already had.

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