Game Day Fash!

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DSC_0995In honor of Football Saturday, how about a little spirit?!  Since we are U of M fans around here (well, most of us), my daughter and I thought we’d play a little dress up in our gear. Here’s the thing, I don’t do t-shirts. Certain types I can do from time to time, but generally it’s a big fat no. Me personally, I just look terrible in t-shirts.  Seriously awful!  So I have to find ways around this.  I like to be festive and show my spirit at sporting events but I need a little something extra to still feel dressy and put together.

Here is a look we came up with, both for she and I. I’ve been noticing more and more Game Day looks and styles this fall with many clothing sites offering this type of Game Day look. Maybe its a team hoodie with a maxi skirt, team sweater with faux leather skinnies, team tee layered under a gingham button up with a cute puffer vest, just to give you a couple ideas. I have a tendency to rush out and buy something new for every event (and likely not wear again because…drumroll…I hate t-shirts!) so instead I pulled a few things out of my closet and below is what felt most like me. It’s a very easy and simple look I prefer over traditional hoodie or tee and jeans- but trust me, there is nothing wrong with that either!!  It’s all preference of course.  Obviously I wore a tee, but I don’t mind this one soooo much because its fitted nice and longer in length, plus I am covered up with a jacket.  If you have team color jewelry or beads to add to your attire, by all means, bling it up!  What will you choose?



DSC_1006 DSC_1031




Girls Old Navy Vest and Girls Ugg Boots (check your local Nordstrom Rack for Uggs!)

Ladies Old Navy team tee Similar Here, TJ Maxx jacket (Express has great leather jackets), Gap Slim Cropped Pants Similar Here, Steve Madden shoes (Nordstrom Rack), Tiffany Sunglasses Similar Here

I have added links to the highlighted words above, that will take you directly to those items for online shopping if you like!  I hope you enjoy and have fun on Game Day!

Always, Meg

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