Enza Essentials, Skin Care Review

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More than fashion, I love skin care.  It’s true.  Not just any skin care, although I am a firm believer that something is better than nothing…I need good, quality skin care that gives me results.  That’s why I decided to team up with this amazing company called Enza Essentials to test and review their fabulous line of products.  Dr. Joseph Rucker has been working over the last 18 years to formulate the best products in skin care.  After one week of following my customized skincare regimen, I am thoroughly impressed.

Once I began conversing with an associate from Enza, she asked questions about my skin.  What my skin was like, my concerns, problems, goals, etc.  I am always acne conscious (even in my 30’s) and let’s face it, at my age now anti-age defense and correction is becoming a top priority for me!  I may not be able to turn back the clock, but making sure my skin looks healthy, smooth, free of impurities, and well hydrated will always be my first priority.  My associate put together a personalized skin care regimen just for me.  You will do the exact same.  As a customer you will fill out a questionnaire on the website and an actual aesthetician will study your answers and send back a complete list of products for a morning and evening regimen.  The best part is you will receive 30% off if you purchase your recommended skin care suite plus free shipping!

Here’s the link to the customized skin care questionnaire for you to get started:

My personal skin care regimen is as follows:


  1. Sustaining Cleanser
  2. Cool Sustaining Toner
  3. Glycolic Serum
  4. Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee
  5. Stress Extraction Creme


  1. Sustaining Cleanser
  2. Pore Extraction Masque (2x weekly)
  3. Extraction Enzyme Peel (2x weekly alternating with Pore Extraction Masque)
  4. Cool Sustaining Toner
  5. Glycolic Serum
  6. Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee
  7. Sustaining Glow Creme

Following my steps daily will help me obtain my optimal results.  Cleansing and toning morning and night balances the pH levels of your skin and ensures you get the most out of your products that follow.  I am pleased with my results thus far and I can actually feel the products working on my skin.  With anything, results take time.  I’ll continue my daily tailored routine and check in with you again down the road.  All of my opinions are my own based on my own personal experience and results.

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Photo Cred: Lindsay King

Connect with Enza today! Enza Essentials at www.enza.com.  Facebook: Facebook.com/enza4u Instagram: @enzaprgirl Twitter: @enzaprgirl

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