Easy DIY- Painted Mason Jars

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This Pinterest inspired DIY was very easy and took only a short time.  I just wanted to add a little something extra for Spring/Easter to my mantle.  Mason Jars are great and easy to decorate with.  They come in so many different sizes and are very easy to paint both inside and out.

I used acrylic paints and chose a few colors in pastel that I liked.  Simply squirt a generous portion of paint into the bottom of the jar, return the lid, and start shaking.  I found that I needed to use a small paint brush to help cover a few areas the paint wasn’t spreading to on its own.  I gave it another good shake, removed the lid, then allowed them to dry.  After, I cut my floral bouquets to size and that was it.  THAT EASY!

You can definitely buy something like this already made, or pre-painted mason jars.  Even as simple as it was, there’s just something about a little DIY project or craft that brings meaning to a piece.  Especially something you can do with the kiddos!  I purchased all of my items on sale or by using coupons from JoAnn’s Fabrics Store.





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