Easter Photos- Styling Post

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When my fave photog sent out a post for Easter mini sessions, I jumped on board immediately!  I don’t normally do Easter style photos for the kiddos (except for my oldest when he was a babe and all we had in Cadillac, MI was Olan Mills- yes you read that right- I think it was at the Meijer? Whatever, they had bunnies and it was cheap!)  Furthermore, I realized I hadn’t done photos of the youngest since he was a newborn so the timing was perfect.

I’m not typically traditional with clothing for holidays.  Heading to church one Christmas my hubby actually asked, “Are you wearing that…to church?” (I love him.) Sometimes I take a minute to think about it but always end up reminding myself, yes, this is me.

On to the photos and styling.  When you have littles ones, especially a wee one, let’s face it…you pretty much lose your mind.  Straight up, I can’t even spell my own name half the time, just out there.  I haven’t felt so unorganized and unplanned since I can remember.  The bright side, I’m good at procrastinating and usually my best work stems from it being crunch time.  Naturally, these days anyway, I waited until the last minute.  Hubby and I literally zipped through the mall on a mission to get the kids their outfits.  He truly is my partner in crime, or in this case, my most sacred shopping buddy.  We ran into Gap, tossed clothes around, and walked out with this attire for the kiddos feeling accomplished!

I love how it all came together. I typically would not purchase all the clothing for everyone from one store, but prefer to mix it up searching for the right items to compliment one another.  Like I said, crunch time, get it done.  I saw the backdrop to be used for the shoot and with that in mind I knew I wanted something different.  Not the typical pastels or frilly dresses, but different…easy…our style.  Because they’re ours.  Enjoy!!

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Boy: Shirt here, Jeans here (Vans, old)

Girl: Dress here (flats and headband old)

Baby: Sweater here, Pants (no longer online), Socks- because we forgot about shoes, wait what? (Mind lost)

Photo Credit: Lindsay King

Thank you for viewing our photos!!  I know you have two important questions…1. Are those real chicks?  2. Is that chick poo on the bench?  Yes and YES- ew!  Side note, no chicks were harmed during this shoot…correction, all chicks survived this photo shoot.

Always, Meg

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    I don’t see any poo???

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