DIY: No mudroom? No problem!

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I have been wanting a place for coats and backpacks when the kiddos come home from school…someplace OTHER than the back of my kitchen chairs!  I got the idea off of Pinterest, asked the hubby for his handy skills, and I am one happy (and impressed) lady!  Much of the square footage in our home is on our second level, leaving little space on our main floor without adding onto our house (trust me, we have ideas).

We started with a blank space, drew it all out and then I used some extra chalkboard paint and white paint that I had leftover from previous projects.  I painted directly onto the wall, a few coats for extra coverage.  We decided where we wanted everything placed and how many hooks we desired and made our own measurements from there.



Next, my husband used 1×4 and 1×6 primed trim pieces cut to fit the space.  I like the look of a frame, so we hung the top and bottom, then the sides, and last the middle across.


We then filled in our middle trim panels, added a piece of base trim (inverted) to the top underneath the ledge.  For the ledge we used a piece of 1×4, ripped to fit and routed the underside for detail.  We then centered the hooks.  I like the hooks we used because their coats will hang over their backpacks vs side by side (which I think would look more cluttered).




We added our base trim piece back onto the wall.  Then we caulked everything and went through with a paint brush to make sure it all looked complete.  I wrote everyone’s name on their space then added the backpacks to complete the functionality of our new wall space!



Side note- my floor is not dirty…I may have, uh, dripped a little paint on the floor- oops!  It’ll come off, I swear!

This was a quick little project and we are super happy with the results!  Give it a try!  Total project cost: under $150!!

Always, Meg


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  1. This looks so great! I would love one of these in our home!

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