DIY: Easy Valentine Banner

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How about an easy craft to vamp up your Valentine décor…yes you say? Even if you don’t have an ounce of craft in your body, I promise, you can do this.  I’ll give you some variations and tips as well.

I found this adorably festive card stock and these clips at Target.  I really like the banner displays and I have homemade clips I made a few years back to hang and display my Christmas cards I receive very year, however these were so cute and cheap I grabbed them and called it a day.  The hardest part really, was looking through the card stock prints and choosing my 12 favorites and then styling my own personalized pattern. I laid the pieces out a couple times and was happy with my final arrangement.  Next I paired the clips to the pieces per my choosing.  I then cut out my triangle/banner shapes, and clipped them to a long piece of twine.  Easy peasy!

You can get as creative as you want. Maybe you hang old Valentines, photos, cutout hearts from kids, or use burlap. You can add lettering via craft paint or use stickers.  Maybe you choose to give your cutouts a fancy border by using pinking shears or fringe shears, something of that nature.  I did this quick and easy project with my kiddos and my son is already thinking of ideas for other holiday banners.  I know I will definitely be making banners of some sort for upcoming birthdays as well. They’re just too cute!

Have fun! Love is in the air, I can feel it!

Always, Meg


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