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I love shopping for my daughter probably more than myself, if you can believe that.  I am definitely a fan of the usual Old Navy and Gap.  Adorable clothes. Gymboree and Crazy 8 has cute stuff too.  My daughter can almost shop in Justice, again adorable stuff, right?  I tend to like something a little more unique, something different than Carter’s and Children’s Place.  Even Target has been surprising me lately.

While I certainly shop these stores and have a major weakness for Gap, I like to look around for something different, but priced right.  Who doesn’t love Matilda Jane or Persnickety– boutique is a great look and place to start.  I check sale racks for a great deal and eBay for what I consider “boutique”.  These brands also make for great styling in photo shoots which I definitely tend to gravitate toward.  I don’t mind a splurge here and there for something unique but within reason.  You can shop my favorite local boutique, Sofi Stella Boutique, HERE!

A few years back on a shopping trip to Chicago, I discovered the kids section of Zara, Forever 21, and H&M.  I die…pretty much!  The outfits I am featuring here are from H&M.  Priced right, good quality, and super chic.  I purchased several infant pieces for my little guy from H&M too.  (I’ll feature that chunky hunk when he is a little more mobile.)

I like to find pieces that will last, and while some like to go cheap on kids clothes because they ruin easily, I shop for what will last through several washings and the day to day wear and tear.  More importantly, the resale value when they outgrow items.  I should also note that your major department store sales rack are a great place to start if you have time to scour the racks!  Don’t forget Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack for fabulous items too!

I feel like my children’s clothing reflects my style, but taken and made their own, if that makes sense!?!  My oldest son is my Gap model for sure, and recently an Abercrombie kid (sale only- these prices make you sick!)  The infant, I am not one for the “baby look” and am extremely particular about what he wears- that’s just me though (I know you’re rolling your eyes)!  My daughter, well, if you have a little girl, I don’t even need to elaborate.  I love that she has taken my style guidance and made it her own, “Emmy Style”, as I refer to it!  She picked these items out herself, and I think she did well!



She picked this dress out here for the Daddy Daughter Dance…months away but whose counting! (In stores, not online)

hm6 hm7


Top- Similar HERE  Leggings- Similar HERE  Fur Vest- Old Navy (old)

Also, who doesn’t love a glitter photo!!!  Thank you Lindsay King!

I’ll be posting much more on kiddo glam, but for now, I’ll end on this note…yes, they’ll grow out of it, probably ruin it, and maybe only wear it once…but don’t be afraid to make that splurge every now and then, and encourage your little one’s own sense of style to help them be comfortable and confident.

Always, Meg


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