Easy DIY- Painted Mason Jars


This Pinterest inspired DIY was very easy and took only a short time.  I just wanted to add a little something extra for Spring/Easter to my mantle.  Mason Jars are great and easy to decorate with.  They come in so many different sizes and are very easy to paint both inside and out.

I used acrylic paints and chose a few colors in pastel that I liked.  Simply squirt a generous portion of paint into the bottom of the jar, return the lid, and start shaking.  I found that I needed to use a small paint brush to help cover a few areas the paint wasn’t spreading to on its own.  I gave it another good shake, removed the lid, then allowed them to dry.  After, I cut my floral bouquets to size and that was it.  THAT EASY!

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DIY Farmhouse Table


Awhile back I had pinned an awesome tutorial to my Pinterest board on building your own farmhouse table.  Over the holiday break, my handsome hubby was looking for projects…I showed him the table and he was in!

He did an amazing job! I am so impressed with our new table, from the craftsmanship, to the color, and the styling.

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DIY: Easy Valentine Banner


How about an easy craft to vamp up your Valentine décor…yes you say? Even if you don’t have an ounce of craft in your body, I promise, you can do this.  I’ll give you some variations and tips as well.

I found this adorably festive card stock and these clips at Target.  I really like the banner displays and I have homemade clips I made a few years back to hang and display my Christmas cards I receive very year, however these were so cute and cheap I grabbed them and called it a day.  The hardest part really, was looking through the card stock prints and choosing my 12 favorites and then styling my own personalized pattern. I laid the pieces out a couple times and was happy with my final arrangement.  Next I paired the clips to the pieces per my choosing.  I then cut out my triangle/banner shapes, and clipped them to a long piece of twine.  Easy peasy!

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Tuesday Tip: Simple and unique, DIY Gifts!


Ok friends, you’ve procrastinated long enough. Searched high and low, racked your brain for something different and unique for that special someone…let me help with that!

I love crafts, however, I have terrible penmanship and unless I’m drawing Sponge Bob, I have about ZERO illustration skills.  BUT, I don’t let that stop me from giving it a try.  Sometimes, we surprise ourselves. [Read more…]


DIY: No mudroom? No problem!


I have been wanting a place for coats and backpacks when the kiddos come home from school…someplace OTHER than the back of my kitchen chairs!  I got the idea off of Pinterest, asked the hubby for his handy skills, and I am one happy (and impressed) lady!  Much of the square footage in our home is on our second level, leaving little space on our main floor without adding onto our house (trust me, we have ideas). [Read more…]


Pumpkin Spice Pudding Shots

Do I really need to say anything? The name says it all!  Alright, real quick…I found an actual recipe for this but I could not find the main ingredient.  So, I improvised and came up with my own concoction making some changes and additions.  Let me tell you, these were a hit with the group I sampled them on. Seriously- YUM!  Forget the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving…these fancy (adult) shooters, are sure to be a hit!  Enjoy…and please, drink responsibly!


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DIY Headbands

unnamed[2] (2)

These were seriously super easy to make- thank you Pinterest.  But really, how did we ever survive before Pinterest, right? [Read more…]