Holiday Styled w/ Cabi Clothing


The holidays are fast approaching and what better time than now to start shopping for and planning out your best holiday look. I like to think about all of the events that I will be attending and search for pieces that are not only stylish, but versatile. I like items that are easy to mix and match to create multiple styles to get me through the parties and festivities.
The Grace Jumpsuit from Cabi Clothing is nothing short of perfection. It is chic and sleek from head to toe, yet extremely comfortable and flattering. Swapping out cardigans and jackets will help present numerous looks over the season. The green Sweater Pea Coat compliments the jumpsuit in its entirety. It is cozy, feminine, and adds the right pop of traditional holiday color. The gold and dark amber tones of the Pyramid Necklace tops off and gives my holiday look, the perfect balance. In my opinion, a great pair of leopard heels add the perfect amount of spice.

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Black Friday Deals- Part II (Faux Fur and Fitness Fashionista)

Topshop is one of my favorite brands.  The clothing is superb and excellent quality.  I have created a one stop, Topshop, Faux Fur Vest Shop for you below.  All of these are 50% or more at Nordstrom plus FREE shipping!!!  P.S. I just ordered myself #5


1. Shaggy Faux Fur Vest here
2. Leah Faux Fur Vest here
3. Faux Fur Gilet Vest here
4. Shaun Faux Fur Vest here
5. Urban Shaggy Faux Fur Coat here
6. Leah Faux Fur Vest here


The next shopping guide is for the Fitness Fashionista below.  Many resolutions start with the New Year, so why not give something fun and trendy to kick her off.  I love Old Navy Sport, because the quality is good and the price is even better.  However, I always flock to Nike for my splurges.  Old Navy has up to 50% all weekend.  A couple items linked are Athleta which is offering 20% off with checkout code WORKIT through 11/29!



1. Pop Top Mittens here
2. Nike Dri-FIT capris here
3. Skidless Premium Towel here
4. Old Navy Water Bottle here
5. Old Navy Sports Bra here
6. Yoga Mat here
7. Old Navy Yoga Leggings here
8. Nike Training Shoe here
9. Ravenna 6 Running Shoe here
10. Old Navy Compresson Leggings here
11. Sport Headbands here
12. Old Navy Frost Free Vest here

Happy Shopping loves!  I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Always, Meg


Black Friday Deals!!


I have put together a couple of shopping guides today for you.  Whether you’re sitting around watching football, between meals, traveling to the next stop…I’ve prepared some of my must-haves for you!  The best part??  Everything is on sale!  The first guide below is from Express…you know, my FAVORITE store!  50% off everything plus FREE shipping!  I have linked everything I currently have in my closet right now.  Enjoy!image1. Cami here
2. Distressed Flare Jeans here
3. Sweater Coat here
4. Scuba side-panel leggings here
5. Sequin leggings here
6. Sweater here
7. Denim button up here
8. Leo fold-over clutch here
9. Fuzzy Sweater here
10. Sherpa jacket here
11. Moto Jacket here
12. Leggings here


My Christmas list is very simple.  Just some basics and fashion necessities.  Everything is on sale and I’ll list the codes below if one is needed at checkout.  I won’t lie, I already bought #6 this morning.  Don’t worry, I’ll let Hubby wrap them and put them under the tree still!


1. Tory Burch Tote here  up to 30% off site code: THANKS
2. Hunter Boots here  up to 30% off select items site wide
3. Kendra Scott Necklace here  15% off site code: SALE15
4. North Face Puffer Vest here
5. Dior Perfume here
6. Coach Edie Cat Eye Sunnies here  up to 30% off site code: THANKS2015 (these are 20% off)

That is all for now my sweet friends.  I’ll continue to put together these shopping guides for you from now until Christmas with ideas and sale alerts to assist you in your holiday shopping.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving lovelies!

Always, Meg

“Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” ~ Ralph Marston


Photo Styling: Family Christmas Set


I am officially obsessed with our family Christmas photo session.  I had a vision, but it was not what I had signed up for initially. This is not a bad thing, I promise you!  Realizing what I think and what someone else may think can be total opposites.  Once I reminded myself that I was in good hands with making my vision come to light, I knew that it would be nothing less than perfection.

Nine times out of ten I create my own looks as well as sets.  This was one of those times that my amazing, and talented photographer chose the set.  As I began choosing outfits I realized I was working with a vision that was not my own.  Like typical Meghan, I began asking my photographer 100 questions.  My answers were “this, maybe this, I’d like to do this, probably something like this…” ok, I got it.  To some this could be overwhelming and for a split second, I’ll admit I had a little anxiety.  Then I realized, this is Lindsay we’re talking about.  Furthermore, this is the Meghan and Lindsay show when it comes to photos and I became confident in my ability to excel and put my own taste, twist, and style into a shoot to make it mine.  I could not be more pleased.  Honestly.  When she and I come together, we get one another.  How amazing is that…to have someone that understands you and your family so well that they nail your vision within their vision?  Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

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Holiday Lace Dress

LKP_1420The holidays are literally, right around the corner.  Do you know what you’re wearing?  I am officially obsessed with this burgundy, wine, berry…whatever you choose to call it….color this season.  I cannot get enough of it and my closet suddenly has little pops of burgundy throughout.

We recently had our family photos taken for Christmas.  This gorgeous set was created by my very talented photographer, Lindsay King.  We all had fun posing and playing with the set to capture both posed and candid photos, which are my fave!  At the end of our session I had her take a few of just me to share this gorgeous dress and several other like-options I have linked below.

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Photo Styling: 1st Birthday Session


Styling a photo session brings me great joy.  It’s exciting and challenging to be creative.  I have an amazing photographer that captures my vision every time.  It’s so important to be in sync with one another.  I know that I can confidently throw 20 random ideas at my photog and she will produce my vision without fail.

A few disclaimers about this shoot… Let me explain by first clarifying that my photographer did an exceptional job.  Hands down.  So, we had to rush around after work to get ready and fly out the door before the rain came in.  It was 90, hot, extremely humid…just a gross night, period.  What can you do right?  My hair and my daughter’s gorgeous curls completely fell apart.  I left the house with only half of my jewelry- I seriously wanted to die when we got there and realized this- sad I know.  My kids wouldn’t wear their shoes in the sand…I couldn’t walk in the sand with mine.  The baby punched a hole in one of the lanterns.  His sign kept blowing over….the list goes on.  Despite all the silly odds against us, we managed to pull out a few good family photos, and the baby…well, he nailed it.  Well done, son.

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Easter Photos- Styling Post


When my fave photog sent out a post for Easter mini sessions, I jumped on board immediately!  I don’t normally do Easter style photos for the kiddos (except for my oldest when he was a babe and all we had in Cadillac, MI was Olan Mills- yes you read that right- I think it was at the Meijer? Whatever, they had bunnies and it was cheap!)  Furthermore, I realized I hadn’t done photos of the youngest since he was a newborn so the timing was perfect.

I’m not typically traditional with clothing for holidays.  Heading to church one Christmas my hubby actually asked, “Are you wearing that…to church?” (I love him.) Sometimes I take a minute to think about it but always end up reminding myself, yes, this is me.

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Kids Bathroom- A Vintage Look

DSC_0067If you don’t know me, I’ll tell you that I’m not one for traditional kiddo style rooms and/or decor.  While I know it seems silly, you will not find character decals, themed bedding (sports or character), or other decor in my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want my kids to be kids and enjoy the things they like, I just have to think more carefully where to place such items should they be requested upon.

I have an overall style of what I like to refer to as rustic or vintage glam.  Ever since my first Pottery Barn catalogue came in the mail, I’ve been hooked on the style and tend to decorate as such.  I do have many items in my home from Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids, but I always look for more price friendly options.  I love a challenge and that is a huge one for me that I truly enjoy.  The  “how can I replicate this or take this idea and make it my own at a fraction of the cost?”

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Melissa Jane Boutique Dress (w/ local photo session giveaways!)

eb4My sweet little girl recently had the privilege of being a model for a Melissa Jane Boutique dress.  This lavish boutique offers tutus, vintage dresses, flower girl dresses, princess dresses, gorgeous accessories, and more. These dresses are custom couture, handmade to order.

MJB has been featured in Vogue, Model Life, and even worn by child pageant star Eden Wood. The website can be found HERE, facebook page HERE, and Etsy shop HERE.  I am beyond honored to share her work with you, and bring another dress option for you in the near future, as my daughter has been asked to model again! [Read more…]


‘Tis the season…for photos!


It’s that time of year friends!  Holidays with our loved ones, stealing a kiss under the mistletoe, and perhaps a creepy, I mean, awesome (no, I mean creepy) little Elf on the Shelf.  However you celebrate, it’s a time for family and the ultimate feeling of being blessed!

I love to style photo shoots and find it a challenge every year (and with every shoot) to see what we’ll come up with next.  I say we because it truly is a group effort.  I generally don’t even dress my husband.  As I’ve noted before, I pick one person (aka Emmy) and build around that outfit.  At the end I say “Here ya go!” and Hubs brings his best to the table to complete the look.  He is great at adding the final touches and compliments everything I’m trying to capture.  (He gets me.) [Read more…]