Chic like Me!


I love shopping for my daughter probably more than myself, if you can believe that.  I am definitely a fan of the usual Old Navy and Gap.  Adorable clothes. Gymboree and Crazy 8 has cute stuff too.  My daughter can almost shop in Justice, again adorable stuff, right?  I tend to like something a little more unique, something different than Carter’s and Children’s Place.  Even Target has been surprising me lately.

While I certainly shop these stores and have a major weakness for Gap, I like to look around for something different, but priced right.  Who doesn’t love Matilda Jane or Persnickety– boutique is a great look and place to start.  I check sale racks for a great deal and eBay for what I consider “boutique”.  These brands also make for great styling in photo shoots which I definitely tend to gravitate toward.  I don’t mind a splurge here and there for something unique but within reason.  You can shop my favorite local boutique, Sofi Stella Boutique, HERE!

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Melissa Jane Boutique Dress (w/ local photo session giveaways!)

eb4My sweet little girl recently had the privilege of being a model for a Melissa Jane Boutique dress.  This lavish boutique offers tutus, vintage dresses, flower girl dresses, princess dresses, gorgeous accessories, and more. These dresses are custom couture, handmade to order.

MJB has been featured in Vogue, Model Life, and even worn by child pageant star Eden Wood. The website can be found HERE, facebook page HERE, and Etsy shop HERE.  I am beyond honored to share her work with you, and bring another dress option for you in the near future, as my daughter has been asked to model again! [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Tale of 2 Headbands

What is not to love about a handmade item?  I love Etsy for this reason.  I wanted to open up a shop with my mom at one point with our handmade dresses, headbands, scarves, bow ties, etc…but pushed that aside for a bit.  Who knows, maybe one day we’ll bring it back together and give it a whirl!

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to two Etsy shop owners I have recently come across. [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Nursing Mom’s

Bottles and cookies…

It’s no joke, breastfeeding can be stressful.  You often wonder if your baby is getting what he needs.  It was easy on maternity leave, being one on one, always having the babe at your side.  Then you go back to work and wonder how you’re going to keep it up.  If your in sales on the road like me, pumping in your car does not sound appealing…AT ALL! [Read more…]


Posting our Littles…

imageI am very careful to keep opinions to myself on social media. There is nothing worse than scrolling through drama.  However, this is something I have a real issue with….posting inappropriate photos of our children to social media. [Read more…]


DIY Headbands

unnamed[2] (2)

These were seriously super easy to make- thank you Pinterest.  But really, how did we ever survive before Pinterest, right? [Read more…]


Say Cheese!!

We are back to school in full swing and it’s that time again.  Yes, you guessed it, Picture Day!  The day you break out the checkbook, get the kiddos all dolled up, send them to school, some stranger “fixes”  their hair, and then weeks later the pictures come home.  Some of us are blessed with the best picture of our little honey that’s ever been taken…and the rest of us wonder why we even wrote a check at all!  I’m kidding (no, I’m not)!!

So what to wear, what to wear.  If you have an over-dramatic, opinionated child as I do, this is a battle you are about to lose. And does it really matter anyway? Probably not. If you have an older child, they’ll likely get it right. For those of us with the younger babes, here are a couple survival tips… [Read more…]