Talkin ‘bout, My Boys!


It’s rare that the boys want to make appearances on my blog or Instagram feed, but I learned something this last weekend…they can be easily bribed with Starbucks! (Hence, Beckett with a mouth full of cake pop he actually dropped on the ground 5 seconds earlier!)

I haven’t done a blog post in over a year, say what, life has just been too busy. With my hubby traveling for work last year, some things had to take the back burner, and I had to take a hard look at priorities.

So, if you’re new to my blog then Hi! If not, Welcome back! Either way, let me tell you about my boys, my oldest and my youngest.

They are both very curious, adventure-seeking individuals.  They are both kind and gentle souls.  We often call our oldest “Old Man TK” because he is incredibly wise beyond his years.  He would rather read about science, build a robot, or play with legos than pick up a football and toss it around.  Sounds boring right?  Wrong!  He may be the smartest, funniest, wittiest, one in the family.  Yet, he takes care of everyone and everything around him.  He is hands down, the best big brother and first born anyone could ask for!  I still don’t know how we got so lucky, but we are grateful for his kind and gentle soul in our lives.

TK’s pants: Hollister  // Hoodie: Old Navy

Women’s Sweater: Loft  //  Hunter Boots: Nordstrom

My sweet, sweet baby Beckett…whatever he’s 4, still my baby…loves his mama so much. I mean so much, I’m sure it makes others (daddy) jealous.  Don’t get me wrong, he will take a sleepover any night with his brother or sister (we’ll talk about the princess soon in another post) but I think he might be my #1 fan!  I’ll give him 10 hugs and 20 kisses at bedtime, leave the room, and 5 minutes later he will yell that he needs more.

He is so animated with his gestures and words.  I love to watch him play and do his special voices.  He is truly a hoot and I often find myself asking, Where did you come from little man.

Beckett’s Hunter Boots: Nordstrom  // Van’s Beanie: Van’s

TK loves swimming and he’s quite good, which makes him love it even more.  His confidence has grown tremendously from it.  If he’s not swimming or doing homework you might find him playing Fortnite.  Apparently this is a move from Fortnite called “Orange Justice,” either way I’ll roll with it if he thinks I’m cool!

Beckett will steal your heart with his cuddles and smiles, and if you’re not careful he’ll steal your drinks too!

I couldn’t be more proud of the young man TK is becoming and I wish I could keep Beckett my little baby forever.  The struggles of being a parent right?! Sometimes we get it right, often times we fail, but together we will succeed.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about these two handsome guys!  There is much more to come, so you can subscribe to my blog, follow Megleewest on Facebook or @megleewest in Instagram to keep following along! XOXO


Mother’s Day with Skechers!


Another Mothers Day is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I sure love this special day. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate and it’s totally ok to do some things you normally wouldn’t do. So how do you celebrate?
For me, each year is different. I demand to sleep in, that’s top priority. Shut the door and I’ll be up when I’m up! My hubby always makes breakfast and this year I requested that he and my son make their famously delicious crepes! They are a family favorite so it’s a win all around! Sometimes we hang out at the house, run errands, go buy flowers, or visit family. My husband has been gone for work recently so I’m super excited he will make it home this weekend and I truly want us to do nothing but all be together. Relaxing in the morning, maybe some yard work in the afternoon, and dinner before he heads back to work sounds like the perfect day to me. We typically go out for a fancy dinner but we will skip that this year with our current circumstances and that’s a-OK!
Let me tell you a little bit about my babies. They are my life. I don’t know how I became so blessed to be their mama but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. They each have such strong personalities. They are very much alike in some ways and very different in others.  I can pick out each trait and which parent they received it from.  Not to mention the complete awesomeness they each possess all on their own.

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Back to School w/ Skechers!

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again.  It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the end of school and now suddenly we are in prep for Back to School.  The end of summer we should be celebrating, yet we often find ourselves racing around like mad to get everything ready for that big day.  What do you do to prepare?  I try to keep things as simple as possible and plan the attack ahead of time in effort to alleviate the chaos…and the potential first day jitters!

Read the rest of my Back to School blog takeover tips for Skechers on their website HERE!  Or scroll on down for photos and links to shopping!  This was such an honor and pleasure for me to partner up with Skechers!


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Photo Styling: Family Christmas Set


I am officially obsessed with our family Christmas photo session.  I had a vision, but it was not what I had signed up for initially. This is not a bad thing, I promise you!  Realizing what I think and what someone else may think can be total opposites.  Once I reminded myself that I was in good hands with making my vision come to light, I knew that it would be nothing less than perfection.

Nine times out of ten I create my own looks as well as sets.  This was one of those times that my amazing, and talented photographer chose the set.  As I began choosing outfits I realized I was working with a vision that was not my own.  Like typical Meghan, I began asking my photographer 100 questions.  My answers were “this, maybe this, I’d like to do this, probably something like this…” ok, I got it.  To some this could be overwhelming and for a split second, I’ll admit I had a little anxiety.  Then I realized, this is Lindsay we’re talking about.  Furthermore, this is the Meghan and Lindsay show when it comes to photos and I became confident in my ability to excel and put my own taste, twist, and style into a shoot to make it mine.  I could not be more pleased.  Honestly.  When she and I come together, we get one another.  How amazing is that…to have someone that understands you and your family so well that they nail your vision within their vision?  Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

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Photo Styling: 1st Birthday Session


Styling a photo session brings me great joy.  It’s exciting and challenging to be creative.  I have an amazing photographer that captures my vision every time.  It’s so important to be in sync with one another.  I know that I can confidently throw 20 random ideas at my photog and she will produce my vision without fail.

A few disclaimers about this shoot… Let me explain by first clarifying that my photographer did an exceptional job.  Hands down.  So, we had to rush around after work to get ready and fly out the door before the rain came in.  It was 90, hot, extremely humid…just a gross night, period.  What can you do right?  My hair and my daughter’s gorgeous curls completely fell apart.  I left the house with only half of my jewelry- I seriously wanted to die when we got there and realized this- sad I know.  My kids wouldn’t wear their shoes in the sand…I couldn’t walk in the sand with mine.  The baby punched a hole in one of the lanterns.  His sign kept blowing over….the list goes on.  Despite all the silly odds against us, we managed to pull out a few good family photos, and the baby…well, he nailed it.  Well done, son.

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Easter Photos- Styling Post


When my fave photog sent out a post for Easter mini sessions, I jumped on board immediately!  I don’t normally do Easter style photos for the kiddos (except for my oldest when he was a babe and all we had in Cadillac, MI was Olan Mills- yes you read that right- I think it was at the Meijer? Whatever, they had bunnies and it was cheap!)  Furthermore, I realized I hadn’t done photos of the youngest since he was a newborn so the timing was perfect.

I’m not typically traditional with clothing for holidays.  Heading to church one Christmas my hubby actually asked, “Are you wearing that…to church?” (I love him.) Sometimes I take a minute to think about it but always end up reminding myself, yes, this is me.

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Kids Bathroom- A Vintage Look

DSC_0067If you don’t know me, I’ll tell you that I’m not one for traditional kiddo style rooms and/or decor.  While I know it seems silly, you will not find character decals, themed bedding (sports or character), or other decor in my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want my kids to be kids and enjoy the things they like, I just have to think more carefully where to place such items should they be requested upon.

I have an overall style of what I like to refer to as rustic or vintage glam.  Ever since my first Pottery Barn catalogue came in the mail, I’ve been hooked on the style and tend to decorate as such.  I do have many items in my home from Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids, but I always look for more price friendly options.  I love a challenge and that is a huge one for me that I truly enjoy.  The  “how can I replicate this or take this idea and make it my own at a fraction of the cost?”

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Melissa Jane Boutique- Feature!


The incredibly talented Jane Finne, has done it again.  You can find this Cream and Ivory Lace Dress here!  Jane’s designs are not only stunning but crafted with exceptional skill paying close attention to detail.  She truly has an eye for creating something spectacular for little ones.

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Totally Posh Bowtique- Feature!


Let me introduce you to Totally Posh Bowtique!!  These photos are courtesy of Lindsay King and her collaboration with this wonderful shop my daughter modeled some pieces for.  I am once again completely honored for my Sweet to be chosen to feature yet another amazing shop!

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Chic like Me!


I love shopping for my daughter probably more than myself, if you can believe that.  I am definitely a fan of the usual Old Navy and Gap.  Adorable clothes. Gymboree and Crazy 8 has cute stuff too.  My daughter can almost shop in Justice, again adorable stuff, right?  I tend to like something a little more unique, something different than Carter’s and Children’s Place.  Even Target has been surprising me lately.

While I certainly shop these stores and have a major weakness for Gap, I like to look around for something different, but priced right.  Who doesn’t love Matilda Jane or Persnickety– boutique is a great look and place to start.  I check sale racks for a great deal and eBay for what I consider “boutique”.  These brands also make for great styling in photo shoots which I definitely tend to gravitate toward.  I don’t mind a splurge here and there for something unique but within reason.  You can shop my favorite local boutique, Sofi Stella Boutique, HERE!

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