Pink Nikon Camera+Video and Kate Spade Giveaway!!



I have teamed up with some pretty amazing bloggers to bring you a package of goodies worth $1,500! The pink Nikon S1 camera is a camera and a video at the same time! It has incredible features that you never thought it could do. Imagine capturing high resolution images while filming and many more! Check out the video below to show you the amazing stuffs it can do. This camera+video is proof that good things come in small packages. The kit also comes with 11-27.5 mm and 30-110 mm lenses as well as an original pink Nikon case.


As if the Nikon S1 camera+video isn’t already enough, we’re also giving you a Kate Spade handbag (worth $355) and a wallet (worth $115) so you can spend these warmer days in style, while capturing the great moments with your pink Nikon camera!

Send in your entries through the Rafflecopter below. You have 125 chances of winning!

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The Liebster Award

I was nominated by the lovely, talented, and beautiful Annie behind the blog of Zevy Joy, for the Liebster Award!  The award is simply given to new bloggers from other bloggers.  It is given to bloggers who are just starting out and have a following of less than 1000. Nominees will answer 11 questions chosen from the nominator.  After the nominee has shared, they in turn award another blogger with the Liebster Award and 11 followup questions.  After nominated, you simply link back to the blogger who nominated you!  Here are my questions and answers from Zevy Joy…ps, you need to be following her!  Her style and grace has inspired me in so many ways and truly jump started my creativity to a whole new level!

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Bye Bye, Baby Weight!

Soooo, I said I am generally healthy…like most of the time…maybe like some of the time…whom I kidding, I can’t stop eating cookies!  What terrible little habits I’ve continued since being prego. Not to mention at some point during pregnancy I had to quit going to Zumba, it was too fricken hot most of the time to walk outside (but I have a treadmill- whatever), and eventually those 5lb dumbbells felt like 20lbs! It’s no lie, its hard to get back into the routine of working out when you take too long of a break-whatever your reason may be. [Read more…]


Fancy Pants

Let me tell you about these fun pants I found at Macy’s, by one of fave brands Bar III. Generally I buy Bar III clothing on sale, because it is a little pricey, but oh so worth it.

I walked by these pants for about a month during a Dior makeup counter hiatus (don’t judge me)! I was around 24 weeks prego when I finally said, dang it, I am buying those pants! But my rule on non-maternity clothing for myself was that I could only buy in pre-prego size. So I squeezed myself into a small and called it a day. The next day at work I wore them, and come lunch time, they were getting a little snug. And then a lot snug…and then so snug that I could hardly breathe and actually had to run into Target and purchase a cheap maxi to change into to get me through the rest of the day. I changed in the bathroom and let me tell you, it was instant relief!  The things we do for fashion! [Read more…]


Welcome to megleewest!

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! I’d been toying around with the idea of creating a blog…to blog or not blog basically. It all started when I was expecting with my third and started posting progress photos every week on facebook. Then I started challenging myself to dress the bump and just have fun with it. I started posting more on instagram (follow me here @megleewest) so I wasn’t blowing up my friends news feed. That led to new followers, and hash tagging, and more followers, and more hash tagging…at one point I had no idea what the hell I was doing but then it all clicked…and I realized, this is SUPER fun!

I may not always be the trendsetter, but I know what I like, and don’t like. And I don’t buy into every new trend. I have my own sense of style, and that may or may not be for you, but I’m certain it will spark some new, fresh, and fun ideas for your own wardrobe. I have my splurges but I also have my savings.  My hubby told me just last night, “I know you get good deals, find sales, and use coupons…but you buy a lot..” I’m not agreeing with or denying this! It’s true, I find good deals, which I’ll help you do…but yes, my addiction tends to make me over buy. I see this as more options! More options for me to play dress up, and more options for you to try at home!

Anyway, I’m excited to start sharing with you. I’ll be moving slow at first as I’m getting my feet wet.  Sometimes I may just have selfies to post (ain’t nothing wrong with a tasteful selfie, don’t hate the selfie!) and sometimes I may have conned my awesome, handsome hubby (yes, I am sucking up) into snapping some pics for me…but together we’ll get there!  See you soon!

Always, Meg