Talkin ‘bout, My Boys!


It’s rare that the boys want to make appearances on my blog or Instagram feed, but I learned something this last weekend…they can be easily bribed with Starbucks! (Hence, Beckett with a mouth full of cake pop he actually dropped on the ground 5 seconds earlier!)

I haven’t done a blog post in over a year, say what, life has just been too busy. With my hubby traveling for work last year, some things had to take the back burner, and I had to take a hard look at priorities.

So, if you’re new to my blog then Hi! If not, Welcome back! Either way, let me tell you about my boys, my oldest and my youngest.

They are both very curious, adventure-seeking individuals.  They are both kind and gentle souls.  We often call our oldest “Old Man TK” because he is incredibly wise beyond his years.  He would rather read about science, build a robot, or play with legos than pick up a football and toss it around.  Sounds boring right?  Wrong!  He may be the smartest, funniest, wittiest, one in the family.  Yet, he takes care of everyone and everything around him.  He is hands down, the best big brother and first born anyone could ask for!  I still don’t know how we got so lucky, but we are grateful for his kind and gentle soul in our lives.

TK’s pants: Hollister  // Hoodie: Old Navy

Women’s Sweater: Loft  //  Hunter Boots: Nordstrom

My sweet, sweet baby Beckett…whatever he’s 4, still my baby…loves his mama so much. I mean so much, I’m sure it makes others (daddy) jealous.  Don’t get me wrong, he will take a sleepover any night with his brother or sister (we’ll talk about the princess soon in another post) but I think he might be my #1 fan!  I’ll give him 10 hugs and 20 kisses at bedtime, leave the room, and 5 minutes later he will yell that he needs more.

He is so animated with his gestures and words.  I love to watch him play and do his special voices.  He is truly a hoot and I often find myself asking, Where did you come from little man.

Beckett’s Hunter Boots: Nordstrom  // Van’s Beanie: Van’s

TK loves swimming and he’s quite good, which makes him love it even more.  His confidence has grown tremendously from it.  If he’s not swimming or doing homework you might find him playing Fortnite.  Apparently this is a move from Fortnite called “Orange Justice,” either way I’ll roll with it if he thinks I’m cool!

Beckett will steal your heart with his cuddles and smiles, and if you’re not careful he’ll steal your drinks too!

I couldn’t be more proud of the young man TK is becoming and I wish I could keep Beckett my little baby forever.  The struggles of being a parent right?! Sometimes we get it right, often times we fail, but together we will succeed.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about these two handsome guys!  There is much more to come, so you can subscribe to my blog, follow Megleewest on Facebook or @megleewest in Instagram to keep following along! XOXO


Zobha Fitness Clothing and offer code


I am thrilled to have teamed up with Zobha and showcase some great workout clothes. The timing is perfect with the start of the new year and resolutions underway.  I always treat myself to some new apparel to get me excited to workout and help a bit with the motivation.  There’s just something about looking cute while working out, even if it’s in my basement!

Almost two weeks into the new year and I am proud to share that I am down 2 pounds!  Eating right and getting in solid, effective exercise has me moving at a good pace.  While it’s been a little hectic getting back in to the swing of it all, I’m feeling super motivated to make good choices and stay the course.  Jamaica is just 4 weeks away so I am on the hunt for some cute and flattering suits, so wish me luck!

I have linked the Zobha items below and included a special offer code from me to you, to get you 30% off your purchase!  Go on, treat yourself, and GET MOVING!

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Love Your Body

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own” – Kurt Vonnegut


This is my body. It’s gone through three pregnancies, enjoys pizza, and loves wine.  It has scars, flaws, tattoos, and imperfections.  But it’s mine.  We obsess over the way we want to look or think we should look.  However, we forget the simple things.  God gave us these instruments. They were not meant to be perfect, but meant to be ours.  The cuts and bruises along the way means we are living, we’re alive. They give us a story to tell and a memory to reminisce upon.  Some things we simply cannot change no matter how hard we try.  We can’t let that get us down.  Each one of us is different in our own way and that’s what makes us special.  You would not be you, otherwise.

As the new year begins, many of us share the same goal of weightloss, exercise, and eating healthy.  I’m a  firm believer in slow and steady wins the race and doing it the right way.  This is what works for me.  Motivation, moderation, and inspiration is key.  The older I get, the harder it is to lose the weight I’ve accidentally put on. Yes, I said accidentally- it makes me feel better.  I’m totally kidding. Honestly, I try not to get too hard on myself when I tack on a few pounds because I am certain that meant I was enjoying life around me.  Indulgences.  Let’s face it, if we don’t let ourselves indulge once in a while, where’s the fun in life?  I like pizza, I eat pizza.  I like wine, I drink wine.  My goal this year is to simply scale it back.  I want to be good to my body that I was given but remember to live a little every now and then.

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Tignanello Handbags and Nashville


Let me introduce you to Tignanello Handbags.  Since 1989, Tignanello has been designing handbags for women.  Quality craftsmanship combined with affordable prices is key when it comes to stylish, designer handbags.  I love my black suede and leather combo.  It has several compartments to hold all my goodies.  This is definitely a classic bag to use for years to come and am so thankful for this great gift from such a wonderful company, to be able to share it with all of you!  You will be blown away at the large selection of designs.  This one here is on my list!


Purse: Tignanello || Shoes: Jessica Simpson || Top: SheIn

Photography: Lindsay King, @lindsaykingmodernphotgraphy on IG

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Printed Tops and Ripped Jeans


There are critters on my top.  Seriously, happy little woodland creatures.  I immediately flocked to this top because one, I have an intense love for printed tops in this style, and two, the color.  So naturally, the furry friends just made it that much more special!

These jeans.  Yup, they were a splurge.  Hopefully the hubby isn’t reading this post because trust me, I might hear it!  And I should.  However, in my defense I didn’t mean to buy them.  HA!  I grabbed this pair knowing I would never pay that much money for denim but they were too cute and perfect to try on all my tops with so I could get the full effect with how I might put some looks together.  That was a mistake.  A terrible, mistake.  My butt and legs never felt or looked so good in jeans in my life.  I totally get why they cost what they do.  These 7 for all Mankind jeans are so soft and comfy, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing jeans.  There is the perfect amount of stretch, rips, and they hit my ankle just right.  I made the decision that I would splurge AND totally wear the crap out of these jeans!

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Teami Blends Tea with Offer Code


I recently received my Teami Blends Detox kit and let me tell you, I’m loving it!  I have been working out and trying to eat sensibly since the first of the year and it’s been a lot harder this time around.  This has been the perfect addition to my diet and exercise and I’m feeling great.  I struggle with bloating and every morning my belly is flat and stays that way all day.  In just 11 days of drinking this tea as instructed, I have lost albs!  (And to be completely honest, it’s probably been my worst week of not eating as great and working out as hard as I had been.)  I’m so close to my goal and I’m feeling confident I’ll get there just in time for Spring Break next week.  Florida, here we come!

With the 30 day kit, you get a 30 Day Supply of Skinny loose leaf tea and 15 colon cleanse tea bags.  I have two special offer codes just for you.  At any time you want to give this amazing tea a try, checkout with code MEGLEE and you will get 10% off your entire order!  BUT, for today only (that’s March 17th, 2016) you can checkout with my super special offer code MEGLEESPD and get 15% off your entire order!  From 12:01am to 11:59pm on 3/17/16, you will get 15% off.  If you miss out, don’t worry, as I mentioned you can get 10% off at anytime with MEGLEE.

All of my opinions are my own and this is what is working for me.  Why not let it work for you too?  Grab the 30 day detox kit, accessories, and start reaping the benefits today! www.teamiblends.com


Tee: Trouve here

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind here

Watch: Shinolah here

Necklace: Benevolence LA here (I’ll be featuring this soon, but for every piece sold, money is donated toward clean water around the world!)

Photo Cred: Lindsay King


Weighing In


Did you resolve to lose weight this year? Yeah, me too. How’s it going for ya? Yeah, me too. Alright, alright…it’s not going terrible. I’m proud that I have lost 5lbs so far. My goal was 10lbs by March 26 and considering it took me two months, count that, two months just to lose 5…I’m kind of freaking out! MY husband on the other hand has lost 22lbs! What the what? Men have it so easy. “I’m just going to put down the junk food and work out a little bit” and it falls right off. Me? I’ve been working my butt off for a measly 5lbs!
Let’s be real guys, I know we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and be confident with who we are and comfortable in our own skin. I’ll preach it all day long. I will engrain that in my childrens minds so they don’t ever feel ashamed of themselves and comfortable with their bodies.  But we can’t help but get a little down on ourselves from time to time, because we are only human after all.  What matters is what you do to turn it around.  What are your goals, commitments, desires?  Write them down, make a plan, and put in the work. If I can find the time, you can find the time, trust me.  Let’s motivate each other!

I listed some tunes that always seem to find their way into my playlist rotation.  Get your music ready and get pumped!

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Sofi Stella Boutique, A Year in Review


(First Fashion Show, last spring)

In the fall of 2014 I decided to start my own blog.  I had bugs in my ears (not literally, come on now) about the things I love, that I do, and my passions with how to put them to use to influence those around me.  It’s a struggle to put down your thoughts into words that will relate to readers.  I was certain that for months the only person even reading my blog was my mom.  Until I asked her what she thought of my posts and she asked “what’s your website again?” Oh Lord, shoot me!  Little did I know, I was making an impact somewhere, with someone, in a niche that I was most certain I loved…not perfect in, but passionate about.

Shopping in a local boutique and posting instagram pics of my looks led me to Josephine.  I was asked to be in the Spring Fashion Show.  I was thrilled and nervous.  I’m not a model and I was certain I was the oldest person there.  I put on my highest heels and cat walked for days down my hallway, practicing!  My kids were not impressed but I was not going to let anyone down.  Let me tell you, it’s not about what you are, it’s what you want to be.  When you are excited, confident, and have the drive, you can truly do anything you put your mind to.

After the show led to my first shoot.  I was asked to shoot the “Wifey” tee.  I mean, go figure…I am a wifey after all.  Then I sat down with Josephine and after a wonderful conversation I was thrilled to join her team!  Styling, modeling, and just having an overall input for the well being of the store has been my role and one that I have truly embraced.  I was beyond thrilled to attend a show in Chicago recently with my amazing team, choosing fabulous pieces to bring to the store.  Styling looks, photo shoots, choosing pieces, impacting social media, assisting with the fashion shows- it’s a wonder I am still asked to model with my lip-biting smile and crappy hair (seriously, in 90% of the photos my hair is crappy).  But I know that I am doing something right.

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2016 Commitments: New Year, New You!

IMG_4263Do you feel like 2015 just flew by? I sure do! It’s hard to believe we just blew through the holidays and we are venturing into a new year. Generally this is a time for two things, 1. Reflection and 2. Resolutions. We reflect upon the past year with things we have done, memories we have made, and lessons we have learned. Many of us think about the things that we need to work on and set goals for the new year. Be more patient, be healthier, be more kind to others…just do better, am I right? Does this sound like you?
It’s important to reflect but not to dwell on the past. Take the good with the bad and move on. Like an old shirt, for example. It may have seemed like a good idea to buy it at the time, yet you find it in your closet with the tags still on it now thinking, why? Sadly, this happens to me often. You need to take a look at the reasons as to why the tags remain intact. Does it not fit, was it too trendy, was it impulsive, or do you simply have no clue how to style it? In many cases, it’s the styling of a piece that is the problem. But if it’s ugly, pitch it and pretend it never happened (I won’t tell!).

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Pink Nikon Camera+Video and Kate Spade Giveaway!!



I have teamed up with some pretty amazing bloggers to bring you a package of goodies worth $1,500! The pink Nikon S1 camera is a camera and a video at the same time! It has incredible features that you never thought it could do. Imagine capturing high resolution images while filming and many more! Check out the video below to show you the amazing stuffs it can do. This camera+video is proof that good things come in small packages. The kit also comes with 11-27.5 mm and 30-110 mm lenses as well as an original pink Nikon case.


As if the Nikon S1 camera+video isn’t already enough, we’re also giving you a Kate Spade handbag (worth $355) and a wallet (worth $115) so you can spend these warmer days in style, while capturing the great moments with your pink Nikon camera!

Send in your entries through the Rafflecopter below. You have 125 chances of winning!

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