Dressy Shorts


I love dressy shorts!!! I’m a shorts (short shorts) kinda gal! I didn’t get to wear any of my fun shorts this past summer since I was prego so I had to throw on a pair for this shoot a few weeks ago. These black ones featured here are a couple years old but you can always find a great pair out there. It seems that most of the ones I own are from Express because I like the style and fit for me personally. I have several color options and styles from the silky ones shown here, to a cream crochet style, and a black/gold sequin pair.  You can find a great pair for yourself at The Limited, The Loft, ASOS, Forever 21, and H&M to name a few. [Read more…]


Lunch Date Dress


Alright loves, I said I would post this dress once I styled it, so here ya go! This was part of Three Little Dresses from last week, and the one that was full price (eek!) but I did use a coupon (yay me!). [Read more…]


Pleated Perfection


This outfit is one of my new faves! Once I put it together, my wheels started turning not only how I can pair other pieces with this- changing the top, etc…but how to embrace this style in general. (Stay tuned for some super cute outfits from some purchases I just made at Kohls, including a tulle skirt- finally a tulle skirt in my closet.) Alright, I digress…back to the deets! [Read more…]


This dress screams FALL!


I knew from the moment I saw this dress I had to order it immediately. I waited a couple days in debate because I rarely pay full price unless it’s a great buy. Then my shipping prayers were answered and I received a 15% off coupon! It was still on the higher end but I loved the look and I knew exactly where I would wear this dress the first time. [Read more…]


Three little dresses

I recently went shopping- I know you’re shocked!  I was only going to “look” as I ran into Macy’s last week to grab some new fall lipstick. (Side note- I picked up Mac Diva and I absolutely love it for fall. It’s the perfect deep berry shade I was looking for!) Anywho, I couldn’t resist the sale racks on my way out so I zipped through real quick. Eeks!

I wanted to share the three little dresses I ended up bringing home, I know I know, three may sound excessive to some of you but I have two in my closet with tags I’ve been questioning and I’ve decided they are going back today- I mean tomorrow, its rainy and nasty out! [Read more…]


Fur baby, FUR!

Who doesn’t love fur?!  Faux fur, come on now- let’s not be crazy!  This super cozy, soft and comfy vest I got from Sofi Stella Boutique is divine!  I catch myself petting my vest during the day. Is that weird? That’s weird… It’s just so perfect!

I can think of so many things to pair this with and I bet you can too. If you haven’t heard the latest buzz- ok there are so many this fall- but, LAYERS are everywhere!  Layers always look lovely. As I peruse through my Glamour and In Style magazines, follow other bloggers and the super fashion icons out there, I see lots of layers. From clothing to jewelry.  Stacks of bangles for the arm candy, layers of necklaces in various sizes, and layers of clothing.  I recall when my hubby used to rock the long sleeved button up under the tee back in college (OMG- that seems like forever ago) but its certainly a trend amongst the ladies now!  And looks super cute, especially with graphic tees, or short sleeved sweaters…add a statement necklace, your favorite denim and you’re set! [Read more…]


A lovely green dress…


photo 1

I LOVE this dress!  I bought it several months ago when I was still prego and hoped it would fit as I lost my baby weight. I even intended that long ago to wear it for my birthday (I over-plan EVERYTHING) which also made it a nice little weight loss goal for me! I honeslty didn’t think too much about the accessories until I put it on last night and got the “we’re gonna be late!” and threw on a few pieces and ran out the door!  I think anything I would have grabbed though, would’ve looked lovely. [Read more…]


Game Day Fash!


DSC_0995In honor of Football Saturday, how about a little spirit?!  Since we are U of M fans around here (well, most of us), my daughter and I thought we’d play a little dress up in our gear. Here’s the thing, I don’t do t-shirts. Certain types I can do from time to time, but generally it’s a big fat no. Me personally, I just look terrible in t-shirts.  Seriously awful!  So I have to find ways around this.  I like to be festive and show my spirit at sporting events but I need a little something extra to still feel dressy and put together. [Read more…]


Fancy Pants

Let me tell you about these fun pants I found at Macy’s, by one of fave brands Bar III. Generally I buy Bar III clothing on sale, because it is a little pricey, but oh so worth it.

I walked by these pants for about a month during a Dior makeup counter hiatus (don’t judge me)! I was around 24 weeks prego when I finally said, dang it, I am buying those pants! But my rule on non-maternity clothing for myself was that I could only buy in pre-prego size. So I squeezed myself into a small and called it a day. The next day at work I wore them, and come lunch time, they were getting a little snug. And then a lot snug…and then so snug that I could hardly breathe and actually had to run into Target and purchase a cheap maxi to change into to get me through the rest of the day. I changed in the bathroom and let me tell you, it was instant relief!  The things we do for fashion! [Read more…]