TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Healthy Hair!

I didn’t post a TOT last week, yikes!  My first week back to work was a little busy and exhausting- go figure.  I want to talk hair.  My hair.  It’s seriously, seriously, ew, ew (Thank you Sara with no H)!

My hair has come a long way. It’s naturally curly but I straighten it.  It’s naturally blonde, but dirty blonde these days, so I lighten it.  In other words, it’s damaged regularly.  It doesn’t grow at the normal rate either.  I chopped it off a year and a half ago because there was so much breakage and just looked awful.  It’s taken some time (and a pregnancy to help) but it’s getting there. [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Big hair- don’t care!


Lately I’ve been getting compliments on my hair- which I never get!  Maybe it’s because I’ve been home on maternity leave not washing it much???  Actually that’s probably true and I’ve had some extra time for conditioning treatments and unexpected “air drying” with my new little one at my side:)  Honestly, I have crappy hair (we’ll discuss that another time when I talk to you about how I finally got it healthy again, ok, somewhat healthy again) but I work with what I have and found some great products to help me along the way! [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Body in a Bottle!

I love anything and everything that is sequins and glitter- no matter how old I get!  Call it my guilty pleasure or just the girly girl side of me. It probably comes from my dancin days, just adding that final little touch of glitter and shine. I have raved about the Rockin Body by Victoria Secret on my Instagram awhile back, but wanted to write a little more about it.  First off, it smells amazing, as all VS products and scents do in my opinion.  Second, it has a light bronzer or “tint” to it that immediately gives a sleek, toned look.  And the best part, the shimmer.  Not too much, but just the right amount to give your skin a little glisten. I like to glow, or at least look like it! [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Eyes and Lips

Happy Tuesday Loves! I mentioned via Facebook that I will post TWO things I love on Tuesdays, called Two on Tuesday or “TOT”.  It may be fashion, beauty products, recipes, crafts…in other words, anything!

Two weeks ago I shared my love for a shapely tinted eyebrow and shellac mani’s!  If you have lighter hair like me, the tinting is great  because it captures every little brow hair giving you the fullest shape possible. It really changes your overall look- it’s truly amazing!  And shellac, I mean come on, who doesn’t love painted nails and ones that last 2-3 weeks with no maintenance, right? Super easy for busy ladies that don’t have time to re-do their nails every couple days.  And with kiddos? Good luck. Every time I try to paint my nails at home thinking, ok, right now is perfect- it’s not. It never is! [Read more…]