Holiday Styled w/ Cabi Clothing


The holidays are fast approaching and what better time than now to start shopping for and planning out your best holiday look. I like to think about all of the events that I will be attending and search for pieces that are not only stylish, but versatile. I like items that are easy to mix and match to create multiple styles to get me through the parties and festivities.
The Grace Jumpsuit from Cabi Clothing is nothing short of perfection. It is chic and sleek from head to toe, yet extremely comfortable and flattering. Swapping out cardigans and jackets will help present numerous looks over the season. The green Sweater Pea Coat compliments the jumpsuit in its entirety. It is cozy, feminine, and adds the right pop of traditional holiday color. The gold and dark amber tones of the Pyramid Necklace tops off and gives my holiday look, the perfect balance. In my opinion, a great pair of leopard heels add the perfect amount of spice.

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Stemology Skin Care


It’s Friday friends!  The weekend is officially here and I’m ready.  If you’ve been following me then welcome back…if you’re new to my site then WELCOME NEW FRIEND!  I am a lover of fashion, style, beauty, and photographs.  When it comes to beauty, I am completely obsessed with skin care and I am always looking to try something new and share fabulous products with you.

Let me introduce you to Stemology Skin Care, which I have religiously been using for the last month.  Their products are all natural (which you know I love) and free of phthalates, parabens, GMOs and petrochemicals…so does it really get any better than that??  We need to be kind to our skin and we need to take care of it. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying SPF does NOT take long and I encourage you to get a regimen and start taking steps to improving your skin today (you’ll thank me tomorrow)!

The three main products I have been using are as follows, and in this order…

  1. CELL REBOOT Exfoliating Skin Polisher
  2. CELL RESCUE Active Gel Toner
  3. CELL REVIVE Collagen Complete with StemCore-3 

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Amerin Skincare Review


What gal doesn’t love great beauty products?  This one sure does!  I was very excited when Amerin Skincare contacted me to collaborate together to promote their brand.  Collabs and Reviews are exciting to me, especially from a product standpoint.  I always review the websites and social media immediately.  I’ll read a little on the site’s homepage before jumping in with a yes.

Their tagline “Natural Beauty for Natural Beauties”.  I already love it.  Trust me, I am all about the retinol, salycillic acid, hydroquinone…while they do produce results, it can be harsh at times and over time on your skin.  Amerin has been the perfect compliment to my daily and weekly routines.  Vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids are key ingredients that help produce their natural, organic products.

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Enza Essentials, Skin Care Review


More than fashion, I love skin care.  It’s true.  Not just any skin care, although I am a firm believer that something is better than nothing…I need good, quality skin care that gives me results.  That’s why I decided to team up with this amazing company called Enza Essentials to test and review their fabulous line of products.  Dr. Joseph Rucker has been working over the last 18 years to formulate the best products in skin care.  After one week of following my customized skincare regimen, I am thoroughly impressed.

Once I began conversing with an associate from Enza, she asked questions about my skin.  What my skin was like, my concerns, problems, goals, etc.  I am always acne conscious (even in my 30’s) and let’s face it, at my age now anti-age defense and correction is becoming a top priority for me!  I may not be able to turn back the clock, but making sure my skin looks healthy, smooth, free of impurities, and well hydrated will always be my first priority.  My associate put together a personalized skin care regimen just for me.  You will do the exact same.  As a customer you will fill out a questionnaire on the website and an actual aesthetician will study your answers and send back a complete list of products for a morning and evening regimen.  The best part is you will receive 30% off if you purchase your recommended skin care suite plus free shipping!

Here’s the link to the customized skin care questionnaire for you to get started:

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Beauty Post: Let your face sparkle this season!

IMG_2310You may be surprised to know that I use only one brand of makeup.  I know, it shocks me too.  I have spent way too much money and wasted even more money over the years buying makeup, only to bring it home, and hate it.

I use Dior.  I love Dior.  I obsess over Dior.  I used another makeup counter selection for years prior to switching.  I just felt disappointed every time I brought something new home.    I never got to try anything, had eyes rolled at me when asked if we could try some things.  I finally had enough.  I was walking through the mall about four years ago and happened to be passing the Dior counter when a makeup artist stopped me and asked if I had 20 minutes to have my makeup done.  Um, yeah!   I was beyond impressed.  We talked the entire time about my skin, my makeup, what I like, what I dislike, and even received a few new makeup tips I hadn’t tried before.  Sitting down at that counter that day changed my skin and the way I had done my makeup for so many years.

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TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Mascara Melodies

Happy Tuesday loves!  I haven’t done a TOT or Tuesday Tip in a while, life has been a little crazy around here with a week of baby sickness then mommy sickness last week.  Finally we are all on the mend.  This week, I wanted to share my tips for applying mascara.  I get asked often what eye makeup I use and how I get my lashes to achieve their length.  I can tell you straight up, I don’t have long lashes, they’re pretty average in my opinion, but I make them look long and “false” in the steps that I use.

In an older post I mentioned that I use the Diorshow Maximizer, which you can find here.  It’s a great lash primer/serum, strengthener and promotes growth.  I always use this first to capture each lash so I know exactly where to apply my mascara.

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Meet Emily, of Rodan + Fields

I recently connected with a lovely gal from my hometown, and let me tell you, she is a gem!  I really enjoy hearing other women express their love and passion for what they do, and more importantly, strive to inspire and help others.  Emily is a Level V Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. Not only is she is a beauty, but a total sweetheart.  She is encouraging, motivating, and is on a mission to help YOU!  Whether you wish for a regimen to help improve your skin or happen to be interested in becoming a consultant yourself, Emily is the right person to get you there.

Emily sent me some samples after I contested to her a few areas that I wish to improve.  After using these samples and committing to keeping an open mind on the results, I can tell you that I am sold. “Why do I know Rodan + Fields” you ask?  Oh I don’t know, maybe because you’ve heard of and possibly used Proactiv??  I did, for years.  It changed my skin- gosh I should probably send in a review!  I have used some of the R+F products in the past and I can say they worked for me.  So why did I stop? Bascially I turned 30, my skin went nuts, and nothing I used would work.  I just had to let the crazy run its course and then deal with the damage of the aftermath- yikes!  Now that my skin is on track, I’ve been trying new things, and now revisiting some old.

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TOT: (Two on Tuesday) FACES please!


[Part 1:] Do you use a Clarisonic Mia???? Oh my word, if you said no, get this baby on your wish list immediately!  I purchased this beauty on my own product review research.  Since, I have had a few aestheticians recommend it, and they are oh so right.  Here is a link to one with reviews…

You can find it at Ulta, which is where I purchased mine and do buy the brush head replacements here also…[Part 2:…because you have multiple brush head options.]  They vary from Normal, Sensitive, Delicate, Radiance, Deep Pore, and Acne.  Depending on your skin type, you can choose your brush head accordingly.  I like a deep pore cleanse so I use that one or the acne.  Check out this Sephora link here for a quick read on the differnet types so you can choose which is right for you.

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Tuesday Tip: Nails on the GO!

In addition to TOT: Two on Tuesday, I realize that sometimes I just want to share my tips with you.  Secrets, little life hacks, if you will.  I’ll be rotating between 2 things I love and tips!  Maybe I’ll even sneak in a tutorial here and there since I’ve had some requests for hair and makeup!  If there is ever anything you want to know or have me cover, just tell me!  I love to talk and I love to share…that’s what I’m here for! [Read more…]


TOT: (Two on Tuesday) Healthy Hair continued…

Perhaps you picked up some biotin or other vitamins or maybe some coconut oil after last week’s TOT post.  I left you hanging with limiting your styling heat and not washing your locks every day.  In fact, if you can go several days, then good for you!  Scale back the temperature setting on your curling or flat iron- if there is one- and let your hair air dry as long as you can.  Also, try not to use the hottest setting on your hair dryer.  I know, this is all very difficult.  If only we could hibernate an entire year only to step out our front door with long, luscious, flowing hair! [Read more…]