Athleta Style


We are halfway through January already, if you can believe that!  I have less than 27 days until our Jamaican vacation and I cannot wait!  Bring on the sunshine, ocean, food, and memories!

I wanted to post a quick note about this fun look from Athleta.  Now through 1/16, you can save an extra 20% on sale items and this Cashmere Reversible Sweater is on mega sale.  I don’t always splurge like this on athletic clothing but some things are just worth it.  Plus, technically my husband was the one that splurged as this outfit was waiting for me under the tree! (He’s sooo good!)

These leggings are super comfortable and totally cute.  I love the criss cross on the calf.  This cashmere sweater is the softest thing I own!  I could just live in it 24/7.  With the extra 20% off on top of the sale, now is a great time to purchase it.  You won’t be sorry!

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Zobha Fitness Clothing and offer code


I am thrilled to have teamed up with Zobha and showcase some great workout clothes. The timing is perfect with the start of the new year and resolutions underway.  I always treat myself to some new apparel to get me excited to workout and help a bit with the motivation.  There’s just something about looking cute while working out, even if it’s in my basement!

Almost two weeks into the new year and I am proud to share that I am down 2 pounds!  Eating right and getting in solid, effective exercise has me moving at a good pace.  While it’s been a little hectic getting back in to the swing of it all, I’m feeling super motivated to make good choices and stay the course.  Jamaica is just 4 weeks away so I am on the hunt for some cute and flattering suits, so wish me luck!

I have linked the Zobha items below and included a special offer code from me to you, to get you 30% off your purchase!  Go on, treat yourself, and GET MOVING!

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Love Your Body

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own” – Kurt Vonnegut


This is my body. It’s gone through three pregnancies, enjoys pizza, and loves wine.  It has scars, flaws, tattoos, and imperfections.  But it’s mine.  We obsess over the way we want to look or think we should look.  However, we forget the simple things.  God gave us these instruments. They were not meant to be perfect, but meant to be ours.  The cuts and bruises along the way means we are living, we’re alive. They give us a story to tell and a memory to reminisce upon.  Some things we simply cannot change no matter how hard we try.  We can’t let that get us down.  Each one of us is different in our own way and that’s what makes us special.  You would not be you, otherwise.

As the new year begins, many of us share the same goal of weightloss, exercise, and eating healthy.  I’m a  firm believer in slow and steady wins the race and doing it the right way.  This is what works for me.  Motivation, moderation, and inspiration is key.  The older I get, the harder it is to lose the weight I’ve accidentally put on. Yes, I said accidentally- it makes me feel better.  I’m totally kidding. Honestly, I try not to get too hard on myself when I tack on a few pounds because I am certain that meant I was enjoying life around me.  Indulgences.  Let’s face it, if we don’t let ourselves indulge once in a while, where’s the fun in life?  I like pizza, I eat pizza.  I like wine, I drink wine.  My goal this year is to simply scale it back.  I want to be good to my body that I was given but remember to live a little every now and then.

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Party Attire and NYE


Can you believe 2016 is coming to an end?  Or is it just the beginning to a new and exciting year?  We have so many exciting things ahead for my family in 2017.  A trip to Jamaica for my best friend’s wedding, Spring Break with some great friends, our 10 yr Anniversary, and saving up to buy some property and move forward with intentions to build our dream home!  We have continued to be blessed with good health, steady careers, and so much love to go around.  I’m really looking forward to 2017 and the great road ahead.

Onto this easy look.  I ordered this top from Lulu’s a little back and unfortunately I cannot locate it on their site at this time.  If you want to get fancy with your searching skills, the brand is DO+BE.  I have linked some similar options below for you.  Adding staple pieces to your closet is a must.  I purchased this tiered, sequin skirt about 5 years ago and it’s just as fabulous today as it was back then.  I love how easily this outfit came together.   A little thinking outside the box will allow you to put different items together that are already in your closet rather than purchasing new.

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Sequin Party Dress


I love anything that is sequined around the holidays!  If it’s sparkling, shining, or glittering it feels super festive to me.  This green, off the shoulder, sequin dress, is nothing short of fabulous.  It’s fun and flirty yet in a classic and sophisticated way.  My Sherpa Wedge Jacket from Express has come in handy many times.  While it isn’t something I wear often, there are certainly special occasions in that make me very glad I added it to my closet.  Mine is older but it’s still available and on sale for a great price in a slightly darker shade.  It’s a good staple piece I can’t see going out of style for quite some time.  It instantly dresses up and adds a touch of glam to any look.

My Olive Panache Earrings from my dear friend over at Purple Peridot were the perfect addition.  Had I not already had them, anything sparkly would’ve been just fine.  I didn’t want to “over bling” the dress with too many other jewels so I kept the necklace simple with my Kendra Scott pendant and a stretchy gold cuff.

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A Red Dress and Sherpa Vest


Can you believe it’s less than two weeks away from Christmas?  Seriously, it’s unreal.  My mind is spinning trying to wrap my head around it and what is left to be done.  I had a pretty good handle on things but now I’m starting to literally freak out thinking about everything coming up.  We have some shopping to finish up which we have date night this weekend to do so, wrap gifts, buy food, buy wine (lots of wine), and OMG I can’t even think right now!  Are you feeling me?  I have notes everywhere I can put a note. I have two phones, personal and work, so they both have notes and reminders set.  I’m cringing just thinking about grocery shopping, in fact, I can’t even bring myself to make the list yet.  All that said though, I scored two hot toys my kiddos are asking for and honestly, if the rest fell apart I wouldn’t even care knowing my main job is complete!  I’m totally kidding, if you know me, everything will be perfect and I’ll be a raging psycho the next two weeks to ensure that will happen.  In the words of a dear friend…#sorryboutya!

Let me help you by relieving some of the pressure this season.  The ‘what do I wear’ kind of pressure!  This is a super easy look you can pull off.  Throw on some tights and taller boots for cooler weather.  Click the links, add to your cart, and be done!  Check out earlier posts for other options as well.  As always, if I can’t link exact pieces (because they’re old or sold out) I promise to find you something similar.

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Holiday Styled w/ Cabi Clothing


The holidays are fast approaching and what better time than now to start shopping for and planning out your best holiday look. I like to think about all of the events that I will be attending and search for pieces that are not only stylish, but versatile. I like items that are easy to mix and match to create multiple styles to get me through the parties and festivities.
The Grace Jumpsuit from Cabi Clothing is nothing short of perfection. It is chic and sleek from head to toe, yet extremely comfortable and flattering. Swapping out cardigans and jackets will help present numerous looks over the season. The green Sweater Pea Coat compliments the jumpsuit in its entirety. It is cozy, feminine, and adds the right pop of traditional holiday color. The gold and dark amber tones of the Pyramid Necklace tops off and gives my holiday look, the perfect balance. In my opinion, a great pair of leopard heels add the perfect amount of spice.

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Get your Sparkle on!


If you know me, I’m not one to brag.  At all.  These sequin leggings though…I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I wear them.  I get stopped every time, multiple times.  I love chatting about them and directing people where to get them.  Just this weekend a gal stopped me and said how she wished she could wear something like that.  I replied with, “Well, why can’t you?!”  We had a quick little convo and I hope she left feeling confident that she could pull off a pair.  Do not sell yourself short, ever. What makes you Sparkle?  What makes you Shine?

While you’re out there shopping this holiday season, I want you to try something.  I want you to gift yourself.  And I don’t mean to physically buy yourself something, although you know I’m not opposed to that either. Rather, I want you to give yourself the ability to shine this season.  Dig deep and really think about what it is that makes you sparkle.  Do you have amazing cookie baking skills?  Do you have a knack for decorating?  Do you listen well to a friend in need?  Do you sing at church?  Do you help with struggling families in need?  It can be anything.

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Holiday Style: A pleated skirt and textured blouse


Can you believe it’s December already?  I always feel like once December hits, Christmas is officially here.  The lights, the music, all the holiday cheer…warms my heart something special!  We all have events coming up this month from family gatherings, parties with friends, work parties, etc.  You get the point. What do you need to dress up for?  How dressy do you want to be?  This month I’ll be sharing some holiday looks to get you party ready!

This mock neck, textured blouse is seriously amazing.  I love the sheer sleeves and the pretty little cuffs.  You could make this top work in so many ways with a skirt or pants.  You could even dress it down a bit with jeans. Throw a fur vest over it for a great layering option.

I saw this skirt and immediately had it in the dressing room. I hadn’t intended to pair these pieces together but I really liked the overall look and decided this will be my church flow on Christmas Eve.  We always get really dressy for church.  My husband will wear a suit, I’m always in a dress or skirt, and the kiddos in their Sunday best!   Every year, we have dinner with my grandma (who is now 91!), exchange gifts, and head to church.  When we get home, we make cookies for Santa and watch Elf.  Do you have any traditions?  I think they’re important and we definitely have ours!

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A Sleeveless Blazer


When I saw this long, sleeveless blazer I fell in love!  I don’t typically shop at Kohl’s for myself but I had stopped in on a whim and it was right there in front of me. I have paired this so many ways and worn it over and over and over!  Thrown over dresses has been the easiest go to and adds an extra layer of warmth.  I’m on the road for sales all day so it’s been the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  This dress is super easy and comfortable.  It’s a great length and offers a loose fit which is just right for this mama!

I have linked two below that are totally similar.  Try one today and throw it over jeans and a button up or tee.  It will instantly add a little something extra to any outfit.  If you make it into Kohl’s, you might score this exact one but unfortunately I couldn’t find it online.

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