Fur baby, FUR!

Who doesn’t love fur?!  Faux fur, come on now- let’s not be crazy!  This super cozy, soft and comfy vest I got from Sofi Stella Boutique is divine!  I catch myself petting my vest during the day. Is that weird? That’s weird… It’s just so perfect!

I can think of so many things to pair this with and I bet you can too. If you haven’t heard the latest buzz- ok there are so many this fall- but, LAYERS are everywhere!  Layers always look lovely. As I peruse through my Glamour and In Style magazines, follow other bloggers and the super fashion icons out there, I see lots of layers. From clothing to jewelry.  Stacks of bangles for the arm candy, layers of necklaces in various sizes, and layers of clothing.  I recall when my hubby used to rock the long sleeved button up under the tee back in college (OMG- that seems like forever ago) but its certainly a trend amongst the ladies now!  And looks super cute, especially with graphic tees, or short sleeved sweaters…add a statement necklace, your favorite denim and you’re set! [Read more…]


A lovely green dress…


photo 1

I LOVE this dress!  I bought it several months ago when I was still prego and hoped it would fit as I lost my baby weight. I even intended that long ago to wear it for my birthday (I over-plan EVERYTHING) which also made it a nice little weight loss goal for me! I honeslty didn’t think too much about the accessories until I put it on last night and got the “we’re gonna be late!” and threw on a few pieces and ran out the door!  I think anything I would have grabbed though, would’ve looked lovely. [Read more…]


Game Day Fash!


DSC_0995In honor of Football Saturday, how about a little spirit?!  Since we are U of M fans around here (well, most of us), my daughter and I thought we’d play a little dress up in our gear. Here’s the thing, I don’t do t-shirts. Certain types I can do from time to time, but generally it’s a big fat no. Me personally, I just look terrible in t-shirts.  Seriously awful!  So I have to find ways around this.  I like to be festive and show my spirit at sporting events but I need a little something extra to still feel dressy and put together. [Read more…]


Fancy Pants

Let me tell you about these fun pants I found at Macy’s, by one of fave brands Bar III. Generally I buy Bar III clothing on sale, because it is a little pricey, but oh so worth it.

I walked by these pants for about a month during a Dior makeup counter hiatus (don’t judge me)! I was around 24 weeks prego when I finally said, dang it, I am buying those pants! But my rule on non-maternity clothing for myself was that I could only buy in pre-prego size. So I squeezed myself into a small and called it a day. The next day at work I wore them, and come lunch time, they were getting a little snug. And then a lot snug…and then so snug that I could hardly breathe and actually had to run into Target and purchase a cheap maxi to change into to get me through the rest of the day. I changed in the bathroom and let me tell you, it was instant relief!  The things we do for fashion! [Read more…]


Say Cheese!!

We are back to school in full swing and it’s that time again.  Yes, you guessed it, Picture Day!  The day you break out the checkbook, get the kiddos all dolled up, send them to school, some stranger “fixes”  their hair, and then weeks later the pictures come home.  Some of us are blessed with the best picture of our little honey that’s ever been taken…and the rest of us wonder why we even wrote a check at all!  I’m kidding (no, I’m not)!!

So what to wear, what to wear.  If you have an over-dramatic, opinionated child as I do, this is a battle you are about to lose. And does it really matter anyway? Probably not. If you have an older child, they’ll likely get it right. For those of us with the younger babes, here are a couple survival tips… [Read more…]


Welcome to megleewest!

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! I’d been toying around with the idea of creating a blog…to blog or not blog basically. It all started when I was expecting with my third and started posting progress photos every week on facebook. Then I started challenging myself to dress the bump and just have fun with it. I started posting more on instagram (follow me here @megleewest) so I wasn’t blowing up my friends news feed. That led to new followers, and hash tagging, and more followers, and more hash tagging…at one point I had no idea what the hell I was doing but then it all clicked…and I realized, this is SUPER fun!

I may not always be the trendsetter, but I know what I like, and don’t like. And I don’t buy into every new trend. I have my own sense of style, and that may or may not be for you, but I’m certain it will spark some new, fresh, and fun ideas for your own wardrobe. I have my splurges but I also have my savings.  My hubby told me just last night, “I know you get good deals, find sales, and use coupons…but you buy a lot..” I’m not agreeing with or denying this! It’s true, I find good deals, which I’ll help you do…but yes, my addiction tends to make me over buy. I see this as more options! More options for me to play dress up, and more options for you to try at home!

Anyway, I’m excited to start sharing with you. I’ll be moving slow at first as I’m getting my feet wet.  Sometimes I may just have selfies to post (ain’t nothing wrong with a tasteful selfie, don’t hate the selfie!) and sometimes I may have conned my awesome, handsome hubby (yes, I am sucking up) into snapping some pics for me…but together we’ll get there!  See you soon!

Always, Meg