About Me

Hello! Let me introduce myself…my name is Meghan and I love to shop.

I am happily married to one super awesome guy (he also loves to shop but will never admit it).  He has given me three beautiful, amazing, hilarious, and talented children.  I couldn’t be more grateful for my family and the life we share together.

So here I am, wanting to share it all with you, yes YOU!  I bet we’re a lot alike…I try to be healthy (I fall off the wagon, a lot!), I cook (like never), I love clothes and fashion (its an addiction), and I like to have fun (who doesn’t?!)… I can be a little stubborn sometimes (most of the time) and have a lot of opinions and ideas (my hubs can tell you all about this).  Did I mention I like wine? Lots of wine, red wine to be exact. If you ever buy me a gift, make it wine.

Follow me along if you like what you see. I promise to keep it real and be honest.  I’ll show you my style and help you keep up on the latest trends and offer my help and advice to you if you’re struggling on what to wear to an event or need some beauty tips. This is what I love to do, help others…whether you need help styling an outfit, or choosing new paint colors for your home, deciding on a theme and/or outfits for upcoming photos, or just need a laugh (because I’m prone to doing really stupid things!)…I’m your gal!  I’ll share fashion for the whole fam, a little home décor, promote health and wellness, try to share a recipe (beware- I don’t like meat) and maybe a craft or two.

Now, let’s have some fun!



Always, Meg