A Red Dress and Sherpa Vest

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Can you believe it’s less than two weeks away from Christmas?  Seriously, it’s unreal.  My mind is spinning trying to wrap my head around it and what is left to be done.  I had a pretty good handle on things but now I’m starting to literally freak out thinking about everything coming up.  We have some shopping to finish up which we have date night this weekend to do so, wrap gifts, buy food, buy wine (lots of wine), and OMG I can’t even think right now!  Are you feeling me?  I have notes everywhere I can put a note. I have two phones, personal and work, so they both have notes and reminders set.  I’m cringing just thinking about grocery shopping, in fact, I can’t even bring myself to make the list yet.  All that said though, I scored two hot toys my kiddos are asking for and honestly, if the rest fell apart I wouldn’t even care knowing my main job is complete!  I’m totally kidding, if you know me, everything will be perfect and I’ll be a raging psycho the next two weeks to ensure that will happen.  In the words of a dear friend…#sorryboutya!

Let me help you by relieving some of the pressure this season.  The ‘what do I wear’ kind of pressure!  This is a super easy look you can pull off.  Throw on some tights and taller boots for cooler weather.  Click the links, add to your cart, and be done!  Check out earlier posts for other options as well.  As always, if I can’t link exact pieces (because they’re old or sold out) I promise to find you something similar.

Back to the outfit, it’s quite simple.  Number one, it’s a red dress.  Doesn’t get any more festive than that.  Add a vest for layering, number two.  Add shoes, jewelry, grab your gifts and GO!

dsc_5902 dsc_5907 dsc_5915

Dress: Gap || Vest: Gap || Booties: Nordstrom || Watch: Jord

Photography: Lindsay King

I picked up some adorable boxes and bags from Target this year.  We all know Target is the bomb, but I swear they get better every year!  I also completed my coffee table-top decor.  After I pack it all away, I’ll just have to go shopping again for something to display year round!

Is it too early?? So, I hit Target after work tonight to grab a cart full of toys before the 20% off coupon expires tomorrow and I could NOT resist getting some holiday home decor! Naturally I had to set it up right away! You can shop it all right here with @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2pxap #liketkit #targetstyle #homedecor #holidaystyle #homestyle

Blanket: Pottery Barn || Furniture: Ethan Allen || Pillow: Pier One || Trees, Star, Bell, Vase

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