12 Things About Me, and this dress!

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March 2017-144

Welcome to my blog friends!  Whether you’re new here or have been following me for awhile, please know that I appreciate your support always!!  I simply love to put outfits together, share them with you, and tell you where to find my pieces.  I absolutely love makeup and beauty products and finding new things to try. I’m always working on my fitness #thestruggleisreal!  Most importantly, my favorite thing in the world is being a mother to my three beautiful children.  I’ve got a pretty awesome hubby to boot too!

I was tagged by my sweet mega blogger babe, Angelle, of Dashing Darlin to share 12 things about me on my blog.  Check her out on IG @dashing_darlin and I promise you fall right in love with this kind and beautiful soul!

  1. I am vegetarian, not vegan. I do not like meat at all.  I’ll cook it for my family but I do not eat it. Even when I was little I was very picky and eventually stopped eating the couple meat items I would tolerate. Weird, I know.
  2. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a minor in dance. Strange minor, right? Originally I planned for my BA in Fine Arts then eventually that dream just fizzled. It’s ok, my daughter is an amazing little dancer and she told me the other day she plans to move to the “Big Apple” someday. OK then!
  3. I have 7 tattoos.
  4. Pizza is my favorite. No Shame.
  5. If you asked my kids what my favorite drinks are they would tell you water, coffee, and wine:)
  6. I do not have a sweet tooth. I could care less about ice cream, candy (in fact I despise anything gummy such as worms or bears), or desserts.  I may eat a fresh chocolate chip cookie or a donut from the bakery once in a blue moon, but sweets…I’ll leave them for you all!
  7. I am deathly afraid of frogs and butterflies. My kids are hovering over my shoulder while I type this and are literally dying with laughter. If it can jump or fly I’ll be leaving the country until someone gets rid of it!
  8. My three children, TK, Emerson, and Beckett are my life.  If three kids ever looked alike, it’s these three and a good mix of both my husband and I.
  9. The first 5 years of marriage, my husband traveled for months at a time.  We lived 4 hours away from family and friends because of my job at the time.  When the oldest kids turned 2 and 4, it was time to move back home and I was super fortunate to land the same sales position I had with a different company. Win win all around!
  10. I have a full time career in sales.  In addition to that I help style and model for a local boutique.  (My daughter models there too!)  When I’m not working or running around with the kiddos, I blog sometimes:)  I like to be busy even though it drives my anxiety through the roof!
  11. I could eat Mexican food every day.
  12. I love shopping- obvi!  BUT, I almost always use a coupon or hit a sale of some sort.

There you have it friends, 12 random things about me.  Thank you for reading along and following me on this journey.

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Dress: Loft || Shoes: Vince Camuto || Necklace: Loft || Bracelet: Loft || Bag : Tory Burch || Jacket : Express

Photography: J Irons Photography

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  1. You look beautiful my friend. I can eat Mexican food everyday too. In fact I will be in Mexico for a whole week next week and eating all kinds of good Mexican food. I don’t like frogs either, scary and gross. Miss you beautiful.

    Gabriela Vera

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